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Why must it be so damn complicated?

Welcome to Minnesota! Home of the governmental shutdown! Here, we host democrats and republicans to a standard, unlike most states. Our standard is... uh... oh shit, do we have one? OH wait, I found it... I guess these rules are out of date, sorry! A budget is what will screw up everything, and because of that who pays for this? We do. now, 9,000 people were just laid off, our economy is shatters, and both political regimes are pointing fingers at each other. How lame can it get? Honestly, I think the Minnesota government would be better if High Schoolers ran the weakly organized government. They needed to agree on a budget that they knew was going to be the reason for much of the way things were run within the state, but instead, they were to lax and enraged that they were in the same room as "the enemy" and didn't decide on important, life-changing decisions. Greedy bastards, thats what they are. Can we rely on our government for anything other than bickering and TV advertising? Oh yeah, I forgot, NO! All political parties do is screw with each other, not knowing why, but they do it anyway. Sure, politial parties did start in the early 1800s because of slavery, but for them to stay as an instution, there is something wrong with that. Politial parties are just as bad as religions, they make you believe in things to make sure you really do want to be labeled that political party. Much like religion, only there is no god... wait.. THERE IS A GOD LIKE FIGURE IN POLITICAL PARTIES, they are called the presidential elects and/or senate/house majority/minorty leaders (note right now, it would be republican senate/house majority and democrat senate/house minority). Well, im done ranting there... it seems pointless since only 4 people read my blog... moving on...

[digitalnothingness].com is moving alot quite nicely. We had our forums up, our tracker up and an RSS feed. So, looking ahead here is our timeframe

July 2005 - 2 podcasts, begin planing "Summer Sessions Vol. 1"
August 2005 - 2 Podcasts, mix "Summer Sessions Vol. 1," hopefully get ok to launch album at first school mixer
September 2005 - 1-ish podcasts, Album launch @ mixer (hopefully), distribute album via bit torrent and School Newspaper by placing ad in it.

As for personal news, I have none...

So, thats all for tonight...

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