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Where did all the Blogs Go?

People... WHY ARE YOU GETTING RID OF YOUR BLOGS... I see brits is gone... Josh rarely updates... dustin rarely updates... come on people... it isn't that time consuming! Even for a LITTLE update... Oh well... Since the white castle incident... every one has freaked out and that sucks... i will continue to bring the truth, and because of that... my blog shall last AT LEAST another year or two :)

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posted by DiZZY at 02:21


I update mine... but I probably don't count as a person anymore.
Blogger StenZiL, at 25.7.05  
yeah i took mine off because it was pointless. i never updated and didnt have anything TO update with. i dont think too many people were disapointed... no one ever commented!!! *sniff, sniff* lol kidding
Blogger Brittany, at 19.8.05  
aww this is sad i just noticed this as well i deleted mine once along time ago i guess i did it a little to soon even though i have mine i dont see the point in comenting maybe till school starts because its not that its too time consuming im never home and yes i guess i dont feel like doing it dont feel bad brit i would have comented but i didnt
Blogger Dustin Schreader, at 24.8.05  

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