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So I asked myself, "Why?"

Right.. so welcome back... to the world that we call reality... yes, that thing that you dont like but put up with anyway... not that im suggesting suicide, cause that is worse that reailty... im talking about virtual reality, its a great place where your worries are... um... not thought about... unless you type them... into a blog... well.. enought about the talk of virtualy reality and anything like that... I would like to bring the attention of my bowl of chips I ate... they were good.. but then as the TV shined on the bowl.. it looked greasy.. and i felt nasty.. but then, i remembered the important thing... they were damn good! It has been another week, kind of... and I actaully can say something is going to hopefully change in my life... no, i dont have a girl friend yet, but I do have an interview at Best Buy tomorrow (technically tomorrow... cause it is 11:30pm)and I NEED this job... cause ya know, I hate k-mart... it sucks.. and you can quote me on this next statement... K-Mart will become the WORST department store ever because of the lack of intelligence that is held within their hoome entertainment choises. Not only are they one of the worst, I feel embarased to sell that bottom barrel of electronics. MOving on, I need a girl friend... one that is... uh.. not childish, and can make comments on thins other than saying something random... and no poking... and not younger than me... cause that WAS the problem... well, im gonna shift topics back to music, cause that is my life... kinda... If you haven't heard the song "Heartbeat" by Annie, your missing out, it is a great song, as it "Eve of the War"(Tom Middleton Cosmos Mix) by Jeff Wayne. Awesome tracks, awesome trance. Oh yeah... GTASA, officially ADULTS ONLY! YAY! the ESRB has fucked a bunch of hard working people and idiots of them selfs. Well, the daily show is on, and i LOVE that political satire. Very Funny. HAve a good day everyone!

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