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The daily update... only not really dally...

Right... so... me... updates... not much on this end... I haven't done much. as usual... because, ya know... work... and more work.. no sleep... but work...

36-ish Hours of no Sleep
Right, so, let me explain this to you. I woke up at 1:30pm on Thursday and didn't think much of it because even though I slept a good 12 hrs. As the day went on, i didn't feel tired at all, played a round of golf (18 holes) and was out with Brit and Dustin for a good portion of the night... even tho brit worked... I was with dustin for most of the day... and went home... played CSS, and watched a couple of movies... Harold and Kumar.. Family Guy Freakin' sweet collection... and Shaun of the Dead, slept for >1 hour (thats less than one hour) and then proceeded to go about my day as if I had slept... sure, while I was a work that day, it sucked... i felt somewhat tired and groggy, but overall it was fine. Got home at about 445 (cause it was an 8a to 430p shift) and then went to a movie with Josh (back from camp), Brit and Dustin. We saw Wedding Crashers, good movie, very funny... my only complaint was the some of the extremely bad dialogue... but it was forgivable because they did the cutting like a movie should... I want ti go see the island... because the cutting, directing and dialogue, let alone the plot looks intreging... but ANYWAY... we went to Applebees and got drinks and food... there was breakdown of one member of the crew, who shall remain nameless and then we went home. And I slept for a good 10 hrs before...

36 Holes of Golf

...I had to play 36 holes of Golf with my father. it was great though... even tho it was almost 100 degrees here... that sucked... but that was about it.We played at a place called Maple Grove that was just outside of Rochester. It was a nice course, the scenery was amazing... but it was hilly... and that sucked... but it was.. nice... I played pretty well.. better than usual, and we god done at about 1p... it was great... then we went to Willow Creek and played little willow... i did... ok.

Retail is a bad business strategy
Right, I work at k-mart, as you all may know... and I have come to the sonclusion that Retail is the worst business ever... not that it doesn't make money... its just that the timing of product switches and seasonal items becoming scarce is very poorly planned. Since it has been over 80 degrees with high humidity here in Rochester we have had alot of people ask for Pool and Sprinklers and whatnot... but we haven't had any because they are now "out of season" because we are doing the back-to-school-depressing-to-all-who-are-students-that-work-there thing. yes, thats right, it is all one word... it is great getting cussed out because we dont have inflatable pools and what not, and to tell them it is out of seasons just pisses them off even more... it is, get this, THE MIDDLE OF FUCKING JULY... and it is out of season... where's the logic? Oh wait... this is america, we dont use logic...

Rants, Raves, and General Opinion...
..of what has gone on in the last couple of weeks... so there is Karl Rove.. right, a top white house tool who is a minion to the president... as we all know... he leaked a CIA agent's name to a CNN reporter, Matt Cooper, who is out of jail because he turned orver his sources... but then there is the other New York Times chick... Judith Miller who didn't even print a story... but was researching it... which begs the question... if I were to be researching a story at my school and the administration found out that it was about corruption within the administration, would I be red flagged and be told to tell then who-said-what or be suspended or expelled? Honestly, if anonamous tips becaome scarce, not only is professional journalism screwed, any small time, unknown publication that finds something out that is somewhat substantial to a story, but could endanger someone or something that is important, is sued and told to reviel sources because it could do something unbeneficial, do they have to or are they protected by our first ammendment? Another big thing that has happened is the GTA "Hot Coffee" mod. Although I haven't tried it... it enables content supposedly "within the original code of the game that was previously inexessable." because of the mod, or lack thereof the ESRB is investigating Rockstar Games because if something surfaces that makes it available in, oh lets say.. the PS2 and XBOX versions... then not only is it in the game, but is hackable and readily available for anyone who knows their way around a gameshark/codebreaker. in essence, if GTASA gets an AO rating, not only will the ESRB look like fools, but so will the gaming industry. not only is the rating system flawed, and we all know that, but this will make them re-think the system and make it either more strict, become Governmentally controled, a new entity will take over, or they will change the ratings to be more comprehensive and add acouple more ratings so there is a PG-13-like rating ditinguish T and M ratings.

On that now, i bid you all farewell. I ask you read the post below this one, because that song's lyrics are true... for the most part... if you were to think about them... especially the very end lyrics about the guy on the street... Work now for me... at kmart, as usual... oh yeah, I might get my shoemart job back... lets all hope for that... PEACE

\/-_-\/ - Im Richard Nixon.. vote for me :p
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