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Errors and Windows and Work Oh MY!

HEEELLLOOO EVERYBODY! Well, life is grand isn't it? summer break is going great, digital nothingness has gotten off the ground (kinda, more on that later) and i am once again having issues with my damn windows install...

Once again, has Windows become unstable due to some nasty javascript and whatnot, and because of that, I cant do anything in the Normal Boot of Windows, but I can do everything in my Safe Mode Boot. Makes me mad! I installed Konfabulator2 on XP and i think I got a bad windget, no shock there, it is windows. i got the data exception error, and it wouldn't let ANYTHING work. If I have to reinstall Windoze, im gonna kill. honestly, why should I have to reinstall my Windows PC because of microsoft's lazyness!!! GR!!!! >< AVG Anti-Virus is almost done now... 2 infected objects... all javascript. i am listening to Inside Mac Radio, and it is very intertaining. As usual, it is pretty much the same Podcasts i have been listening to for about a month now. TWiT, Off the Wall/Off the Hook (2600) and Inside Mac Radio are my favorite Podcasts... Very entertaining This Week in Tech in (TWiT). Leo and the TSS gang (pre-g4) all are on there. It makes me pretty happy to see that they can all get together. They need to get Megan Morone, morgan Webb, Jessica Corbin, and the ORIGINAL Woman of Tech Kate Botello. if you dont know who she is then, I really dont care :) No, actually, she did The Screensavers before Pat took over and Then joined our good friend Adam Sessler (he really isn't my friend) on Extended Play and Gamespot. both were ZDTV shows. ZDTV was TechTV before Ziff Davis sold it. The whoever had TechTV sold to Comcast, formed G4techTV and then sadly it went to G4tv. Arrgh, i want ZDTV back!

Well, since we are on the topic of podcasts, the Digital nothingness Podcast should be up before the end of the year :) Well, I lie, by then end of the summer. We (meaning me) have to learn how to do this and I need to find a BitTorrent Tracker to host my files (I think i am going to have to ask for some cash per month for a webserver hosted by Xtrematrix)

Well, since I really donthave time to blog now, i am going to leave you with that snippit. I gotta figure out my hosting options and whatnot.

\/ o_O \/
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Yeah we need to get Digital Nothingness up and running, that'd be grand :) Well talk to you later ^_^
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