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The End of an Era, The Beginning of A New...

HI everyone! Hows it going. Good, real good. Me? Oh, im fine. School is over for the year, but it doesn't seem like it. I have a feeling that working 40 hours a week is going to give me a nice fat reserve of cash this summer. it is looking like 600/2wks 1200/mo. That is so killer money! I could pay my parents this summer! YAY! That is always a good thing. Then pay lotsa mosny on my car. That would be nice. Dedicate one check to my car after I get my new cell phone. I am going to be getting a Motorola V3 Razr with Cingular here soon. REAL soon. Like Between Monday and Wednesday, depending on when i get time :)... then again, i could have someone just go and do all that stuff for me... like on Monday. I DO plan on buying my Midwest Wireless contract on Monday after I get my check and some DVD-Rs. I need some badly! But, Since I will be getting paid again on the 20th, Ill pay my bills (i.e. car and insurance) with that check! It will be so awesome to have 1200 coming in a month. I NEED to get a checking account so I can have a debt card. It would be so much easier! Well, finals went well, its not like they wouldn't. I am only worried about Reading for college, that class was a bitch! I hate it with passion! I hope I got at least a D in ti cause I do not wanna take it over again! But i do have to re-do journalism again... so WTF am I supposed to do about it? I got a C in Bio and US history and maybe EngII, Health a B, D in Geometry, ? in Reading for college. Yup, thats right, I have no clue what I got on that damned thing. I should know by Tuesday though! I hope i did well. Summertime now, I there are two anthems this summer will represent "Love on My Mind" by Freemasons, and "Lose This Feeling" by Candee Jay. That is what I am listening to right now, CAndee Jay's Album "Electrifying." It is a good blend of music. I got a new monitor, a Dell 17" for free, and it is decent :) What else... Oh, here is an official Announcement reguarding my "album." I will be starting work on it sometime within the next week or two. So look forward to a bunch of new things on ACIDPlanet and a "bootleg" on Mininova. Ill be promoting the album throught the site and on forums that I am members too. That and I want to build a case from scratch. Get a plain baige case and mod it to my hearts desire. I am already shopping around for Orange paint :) Next I gotta find some Orange Cold Cathodes and LED fans. or something, cause I want this case to look uber cool! I plan on starting on that before the new stuff, so it will be before the end of July, cause I want to dedicate a month to the case and a month to the new songs. Well, on that note Peace!

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