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YAY! I did it!

Hello everyone! I would just like to let you know that [digitalnothingness] has arrived!


go there...
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Errors and Windows and Work Oh MY!

HEEELLLOOO EVERYBODY! Well, life is grand isn't it? summer break is going great, digital nothingness has gotten off the ground (kinda, more on that later) and i am once again having issues with my damn windows install...

Once again, has Windows become unstable due to some nasty javascript and whatnot, and because of that, I cant do anything in the Normal Boot of Windows, but I can do everything in my Safe Mode Boot. Makes me mad! I installed Konfabulator2 on XP and i think I got a bad windget, no shock there, it is windows. i got the data exception error, and it wouldn't let ANYTHING work. If I have to reinstall Windoze, im gonna kill. honestly, why should I have to reinstall my Windows PC because of microsoft's lazyness!!! GR!!!! >< AVG Anti-Virus is almost done now... 2 infected objects... all javascript. i am listening to Inside Mac Radio, and it is very intertaining. As usual, it is pretty much the same Podcasts i have been listening to for about a month now. TWiT, Off the Wall/Off the Hook (2600) and Inside Mac Radio are my favorite Podcasts... Very entertaining This Week in Tech in (TWiT). Leo and the TSS gang (pre-g4) all are on there. It makes me pretty happy to see that they can all get together. They need to get Megan Morone, morgan Webb, Jessica Corbin, and the ORIGINAL Woman of Tech Kate Botello. if you dont know who she is then, I really dont care :) No, actually, she did The Screensavers before Pat took over and Then joined our good friend Adam Sessler (he really isn't my friend) on Extended Play and Gamespot. both were ZDTV shows. ZDTV was TechTV before Ziff Davis sold it. The whoever had TechTV sold to Comcast, formed G4techTV and then sadly it went to G4tv. Arrgh, i want ZDTV back!

Well, since we are on the topic of podcasts, the Digital nothingness Podcast should be up before the end of the year :) Well, I lie, by then end of the summer. We (meaning me) have to learn how to do this and I need to find a BitTorrent Tracker to host my files (I think i am going to have to ask for some cash per month for a webserver hosted by Xtrematrix)

Well, since I really donthave time to blog now, i am going to leave you with that snippit. I gotta figure out my hosting options and whatnot.

\/ o_O \/
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The End of an Era, The Beginning of A New...

HI everyone! Hows it going. Good, real good. Me? Oh, im fine. School is over for the year, but it doesn't seem like it. I have a feeling that working 40 hours a week is going to give me a nice fat reserve of cash this summer. it is looking like 600/2wks 1200/mo. That is so killer money! I could pay my parents this summer! YAY! That is always a good thing. Then pay lotsa mosny on my car. That would be nice. Dedicate one check to my car after I get my new cell phone. I am going to be getting a Motorola V3 Razr with Cingular here soon. REAL soon. Like Between Monday and Wednesday, depending on when i get time :)... then again, i could have someone just go and do all that stuff for me... like on Monday. I DO plan on buying my Midwest Wireless contract on Monday after I get my check and some DVD-Rs. I need some badly! But, Since I will be getting paid again on the 20th, Ill pay my bills (i.e. car and insurance) with that check! It will be so awesome to have 1200 coming in a month. I NEED to get a checking account so I can have a debt card. It would be so much easier! Well, finals went well, its not like they wouldn't. I am only worried about Reading for college, that class was a bitch! I hate it with passion! I hope I got at least a D in ti cause I do not wanna take it over again! But i do have to re-do journalism again... so WTF am I supposed to do about it? I got a C in Bio and US history and maybe EngII, Health a B, D in Geometry, ? in Reading for college. Yup, thats right, I have no clue what I got on that damned thing. I should know by Tuesday though! I hope i did well. Summertime now, I there are two anthems this summer will represent "Love on My Mind" by Freemasons, and "Lose This Feeling" by Candee Jay. That is what I am listening to right now, CAndee Jay's Album "Electrifying." It is a good blend of music. I got a new monitor, a Dell 17" for free, and it is decent :) What else... Oh, here is an official Announcement reguarding my "album." I will be starting work on it sometime within the next week or two. So look forward to a bunch of new things on ACIDPlanet and a "bootleg" on Mininova. Ill be promoting the album throught the site and on forums that I am members too. That and I want to build a case from scratch. Get a plain baige case and mod it to my hearts desire. I am already shopping around for Orange paint :) Next I gotta find some Orange Cold Cathodes and LED fans. or something, cause I want this case to look uber cool! I plan on starting on that before the new stuff, so it will be before the end of July, cause I want to dedicate a month to the case and a month to the new songs. Well, on that note Peace!

\/ *_* \/
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