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The Feds, Work, School and Randomness

Why? Is it that bad? Well, aparently. for those of you who have been living under a rock the past 12 hours, EliteTorrents, the last place that was relibale is now shut down by our own government. How sad. They are too special interists. Now where am I going to get TV shows? God DAMN! TV is free over-the-air, so I see no problem using the internet as a big TiVO. They got too damn greedy too damn fast. AHHHHH!!! Anyway, I think I will have to find somewhere else. But I dont want to! And then Patriot, that great bill that was corrupt to begin with is going to be expanded and they, meaning the corrupt bastards who intorduces the expantion and want PATRIOT to live, want to invade your personal records with out your knowledge. The government is the terrorists, not the people who dislike it. Shifting gears so I dont become a suspected terrorist, Work is going great for me! It is so much easier then shoes! I pretty much just waste time. It is great! I get to watch DVDs, sell TVs and other electronics, spread knowledge, and do all that nifty stuff. I have sold alot of service plans too, which is always nice. Since school is almost over *yay!* I will be *hopefully* be working more than 28 hours a week. I need to start a checking account too. Cause then I can order things off the net easier. School, as I said, is almost over. I am not failing anything so i think I have survived another tortureous year. Sleeping in will be joyess. Well, i have been playing alot of Winning Eleven 8. It is a good futbol sim tht i picked up at Gamestop. It is good fun. i love it. Well, im tired, so... have a good one.

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Wow you were really pissed off at the government, well actually aren't most of us pissed off about EliteTorrents shutting down?
Blogger StenZiL, at 29.5.05  

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