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The Feds, Work, School and Randomness

Why? Is it that bad? Well, aparently. for those of you who have been living under a rock the past 12 hours, EliteTorrents, the last place that was relibale is now shut down by our own government. How sad. They are too special interists. Now where am I going to get TV shows? God DAMN! TV is free over-the-air, so I see no problem using the internet as a big TiVO. They got too damn greedy too damn fast. AHHHHH!!! Anyway, I think I will have to find somewhere else. But I dont want to! And then Patriot, that great bill that was corrupt to begin with is going to be expanded and they, meaning the corrupt bastards who intorduces the expantion and want PATRIOT to live, want to invade your personal records with out your knowledge. The government is the terrorists, not the people who dislike it. Shifting gears so I dont become a suspected terrorist, Work is going great for me! It is so much easier then shoes! I pretty much just waste time. It is great! I get to watch DVDs, sell TVs and other electronics, spread knowledge, and do all that nifty stuff. I have sold alot of service plans too, which is always nice. Since school is almost over *yay!* I will be *hopefully* be working more than 28 hours a week. I need to start a checking account too. Cause then I can order things off the net easier. School, as I said, is almost over. I am not failing anything so i think I have survived another tortureous year. Sleeping in will be joyess. Well, i have been playing alot of Winning Eleven 8. It is a good futbol sim tht i picked up at Gamestop. It is good fun. i love it. Well, im tired, so... have a good one.

\/ o_O \/
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For this last Update, I give you evil Monkey! Posted by Hello
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So here is a collection of Pics B.T. took of herself.
 Posted by Hello
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So here is a collection of Pics B.T. took of herself.
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So here is a collection of Pics B.T. took of herself.
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So here is a collection of Pics B.T. took of herself. Posted by Hello
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B.T. and her vernturs of the FedEx Cult! Posted by Hello
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B.T. Assumes the Frog Position Posted by Hello
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The ent me a big box with only ONE box of shoes laces... box within a box... Posted by Hello
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Who is the new guy, honestly, I cant tell! Posted by Hello
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This kid is possesed! Posted by Hello
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Little Boy Weise... No, it is actually Kayla! Posted by Hello
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Geek Josh... Posted by Hello
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That is President Bush disected :) Posted by Hello
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There are drunk people there... Posted by Hello
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Stacee with a hat over her eyes... we were filming that day... Posted by Hello
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this is how shoppers and kmart think :) Posted by Hello
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Right... so... E3 is over :( School is almost over :) and work is about to begin... 1:30... not that bad... :\ anyway. How is everyone doing? GREAT! FANTASTIC! I am good too, thanks for asking. Well since my last, TRUE post... almost a month ago, I said my E3 thoughts. Really didn't seem like that should be here right? Yeah, you have a point. It was kind of a stupid post, but I really do love E3 time, like christmas! We saw the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Revolution this year, the PS3 tech demos were amaxing and that is all I will say about E3 until next year... i think... Well, since that last post my job situation was... better? or worse? NO, it is better... cause guess what...
I work in electronics now! It is pretty good, I sell electronics, toys and other various things that end up in my department. Straightening is nothing like shoemart... it is so much easier! Instead of filling things, we just move things to the from to rows and then we move on to the next thing. Quite simple. Since I have to straighten Electronics, Toys and Office supplies it take about an hour. Versus ONE shoe department taking over an hour. Speaking of which, I got new work shoes! YAY! I got a pair of converse shoes at Foot Locker for 40 bucks, very comfy shoes. Then I broke out my new pair of K-Swiss too. Cause my new pair of K-Swiss were on sale and clearence for like 20 bucks. Im wearing the k-swiss to school and the Converse to work... although there was a really sweet pair of Brown converse shoes at Foot Locker for 40 bucks.... Wow, a tangnet on shoes... how random... anyway...

I finished Katamari Damacy, what a fun game! I never knew rolling things into a ball was so much fun! Now I have to work on beating the following: Tomb Raider: AoD, Underground:2, Viewtiful Joe, GT4, Sly Cooper and Under the Skin. I also got Winning Eleven 8, what a fun game! Futbol is a hard game to master. I SUCK at this game, but it is too much fun not to play it! I have bought so many game latly... I need to start saving money... then I need to reserve my Xbox360 and THEN start buying DVDs. I need Alot of Love Hina and Noir. Those will probably be my next venture. I got all of Neon Genesis Eva Platinum. The box is so pretty! Also, The OC has finished their second season, and 24 wraps up tomorrow. Oh the OC was sad at the end, with Trey getting shot by Marissa because Ryan found out that Trey attempted to rape Marissa. It was so SAD! But it is a good thing that The Cooper family is getting beck together. Good times. NOw if i only knew what was gonna happen tomorrow on the 2-hr season finale of 24... oh it will be good... i think Tony dies.. but we'll see...

I guess I never said anything about Star Wars yet... boy am I an idiot! Start Wars Episode III was a good movie, especially since I went to the Midnight premier! it was so much fun! Me Stacee Josh and Brit went. My dad and Kimail went too! The movie got out at about 3:30am. it was insane so the next day i didn't go to school! It was awesome... The movie... it is good, nothing like the original trilogy but... good. I cant complain, they tie up alot of loose ends. The ending was rushed, no joke! My favorite part was when Yoda waled into the room where Palpatien was and there were two guards and made hit the wall real hard by moving his hand. Good fun it was.

Well, I gotta get ready for work, so everyone have a good rest of the day... or month... or school year... ook? BYE... for now!

\/ *_* \/
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Redesigned My Little Project :)

Enjoy the redesign. I will make a post sometime soon... very kinda soon :)

\/ >< \/
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Im Still Here....

... just a few set backs though :) Well, im not gonna be in shoes anymore.i am heading over to electronics! YAY! Also, there was the xbox 360 launch, and im working on some new and improved tracks at AcidPlanet! SO check 'em out :) Busy now, so ill blog later!
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