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Sensory Overload Pt.1

Wow, what a week it has been in the industry in witch i would like to join! Well, it all started on Monday with the beginning of my journy of what OurColony.net actually is. Well, it is the small, team-based, game where XBOX 360 stuffs is unvieled. OMFG! There has been so much information that has been rumored, and semi-confirmed, and E3 is looking better and better as the week goes on... only 3 weeks until the big event, and i wish I was 18 and could go!!! My e3 predictions are still going to be posted around the 10th, but I will say this, on the 12th, on ALL WORLDWIDE MTVs Microsoft is going to unveil the XBOX 360. I am freaking out here!
Anywho, i will be ready and wating... MICROSOFT! Muwahahaha. I am reserving one ASAP! AT Kmart of al lplaces too :) I get 10% off :) it will rule. I cant wait to see the counsole on MTV AND at E3. Hopefully the counsole wont be 500 bucks... like the analysts are saying... but Whatever. Oh yeah. The drunk people, haven't told you about that... yet... Well, we were attempting to film the German movie for Josh and Kirk at Bear Creek, and there were a bunch of rednecks drinking. It was soo funny. We called hte cops on them. A cop came and questioned them, and then when another unit was coming, one of the drunk people attempted to punch an officer. it was so funny! Then they left. but there was one guy who kept falling while attempting to get on his bike, and one just sat there for a long time. It was so funny! Well Bedtime now :)

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yay wirless xbox 360 cant wait till it comes out still wont buy it because low cash but still cool consol are you going to get it when it comes out. You have to help me with my website problems. be cool
Blogger Dustin Schreader, at 27.4.05  
What are you talking about... wireless XBOX 360? Dude, only the controllers are wireless... XD
Blogger DiZZY, at 28.4.05  
lol wireless XBOX 360... That'd be insane!
Blogger sk8on4ever, at 3.5.05  
ooh yes, I was accidently on my brother's blog name when i said that above me...
Blogger StenZiL, at 5.5.05  

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