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The Last days of Spring Break 2005.

Well, it was the worst of times, and the boring of times, and it really, really annoyed me. For a while at least. Here is the accounts of the rest of Spring Break.
Well, Thursday was a traveling day, to say the least. After the affects of OMG my wallet is missing, that moring was rushed to say the least. It was the last of the motels for the trip, as we traveled from Williamsburg to Virginia Beach that day. We left around 10:30-ish and I listened to my 'Pod, and played Pokemon... good times. Then when we got to my Uncle's home, no one was there, so we drove around... and ya, that was really about it until an hor lated we ame bak to uncle's house and we were let in my Shela, my uncle's girlfriend. We got our stuff into the house, and then we got bak in the car when my Uncle Jimmy got back from work, and he showed us Virginia Beach. We did go to the beach, but I didn't get out, it was hella cold! But I continued to play Pokemon the whole day. Once we got back to the house, I went upstairs and unpacked camp (reminder: thats my Laptop). I turned on my Airport Extreme card, and to my suprize, I could use 2 people's Wi-Fi internet acess. It was sweet. Free internet for 2 more days! So, I downloaded Naruto 127-128. While it was downloading, me and rachel watched Arrested Development s2ep15 and the Office s1 ep 1 and 2. it was aresome. I love the office, and AD. (and 24 and The OC...) After that, We ate ham... and then I went back upstairs and chatted the rest of the night away. soo... friday = Green again, why not? We got up and I didn't eat as usual. I never ate breakfast on our trip... except for the first day... that was about it... We got in the car, and we saw a ship called "Wisconsin" and we went to a Mall... and then we went to... the beach again... for pictures... and then... we went to a military department store thingy and I got Stacee a gift... I hope she likes it. Now, let me describe, for a moment, the Wisconson ship thingy. It was big, and was metal, and you really couldn't go anywhere in it, other than a few floors and yeah... it realy wasn't all that cold there either, which suprised me... Ok.. so After that ,we got back to the house, and I pretty much stayed up in the room and checked out the ARG (we hope), Unholymovie.com It is spooky, and it looks to be a good one. And then I packed up for the flight on Saturday. Saturday = Red Coloring! Well, WE got up uber early... like 8:00 and we left for the airport at 9:30. Then, we got all checked in and whatnot by about noon, and we sat around at the airport til 1:50-ish and we boarded the plane. The Plane took off at about 2:15-ish and we were bound for home. I played my GBA pretty mcuh the whole way there (which reminds me... *gone from the computer for about 5 minutes* For got I had to charge my GBA!) and listened to the 3hr Essential mix AGAIN! (I think the count is like 10... let me check... nope. 7... but im getting ther ^_-) we landed at about 3:45 and we got our bags and our grandpa met us at the airport to take us home. We got home at about 6, and went to the ranch to eat supper. on the way home Stacee called me from the Dells... I didn't get to see her all weekend O_O , but anyway, then we all got home and we pretty much did nothing. Sunday = This orange-ish color. Well. Today was great! I got up at like 11 oclock after going to be at 3am (well..in all technicallities, it should be 2am... but that damn Daylight Savings thingy...). It was great! Then I did nothing all day, until about... 2-ish when i decided to unpack. I did that and I cleaned the living room. Then about 3-ish, I went into my room and from 3 til about... 7 I organised all of my Pokemon cards. Yup thats right, all of em. I put them in what energy type they are. It was great. Then, I ate some tacos. They were good. And then I watched a great episode of Arrested Devlopment... too bad there is only 2 more episodes left :(. Then I blogged... and talked to Stacee... and then I think im gona be going to bed here soon... not too soon though...

Now. in the Sidebar I am going to have a TOP 10 List. That is weekly of the songs in my 'Top 25 played Songs" list on itunes on my mac. Well.. im gonna go code that in and talk with Stacee some more!

\/ o_O \/
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