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E3 Revelations

Well everyone, with just under 12 days until the unveiling to the Xbox 360/2/next (it is one of the three :)) I want to make my e3 impressions and opinions on what we will actually see at E3 on the opening day.

The night before the big day, we will have the REALLY BIG press conference that will outline what will be at their big ass booth. We will hopefully see the Revolution -- the "next big thing" and see some prototypes on the actual thing. it would be pretty cool if they try and get the console out the door by the end of 2006. We will see new features for the DS and most likly a REVISE of the SP or a whole new game boy... again... Hopefully we will all see more info come out on a NEW Mario game for the Gamecube and some info on the new Zelda game. And hope to god that they dont show a revised gamecube and hope they dont drop the price to 75 bucks, cause then that will FORCE Sony and Microsoft to drop prices on their counsoles.

Well, since they are doing their BIG announcement on MTV worldwide, they wont have a pre-E3 thinger, they will, in fact, most likly, have the biggest booth there. with all of the new wares for the Xbox and the NEW Xbox... wow is all I will have to say. My only hope is that bungie tells all on the fabled "Halo 2.5" and their developments for the next xbox. And hope that Oblivion is going to be exclusice to the next xbox.

After a year of ups and downs, Sony has alot to prove and not alot to show. Since Sony really didn't do all that well with the PSP (well... yet anyway.) they are going to have to go to hollywood to gain support. The Pre-E3 message i would like them to convey is that we are here to stay and you will be there with our every step. As for the PS3, some prototypes are enough to satisfy anyone. I hope they shoot for a mid-'06 launch of the PS3, and not go with 2 weeks before Nintendo (like microsoft did with the xbox... 2 weeks after the Gamecube came out, hurt sales) But saying that the quality of the PS2's games never improve is an understatement. With games like God Of War and the CoD game, and upcoming games like Kingdom hearts 2, and final Fantasy XII most Sony people will be happy enough. As for the PSP, i hope to see some REVOLUTIONARY titles. If they dont have that "Killer App" soon, I think that they are going to go the way of anyone else who challenged Nintendo for Portable gaming system.

Not much here. All I care about is VALVe's booth. ID and 3D Realms should have a booth too., I want Quake 4 and Duke Nukem Forever material. If not, I could care less, but come on! It would be nice! ESPECALLY 3D REALMS! Get off your lazy asses and give us material! at least a timeframe!!!

Well... thats all for me tonight... i need sleep.

Enjoy the thouhgts!

\/ O_O \/
posted by DiZZY at 01:10


haha 2 more days until E3 jake...
Blogger StenZiL, at 10.5.05  
no, there is 7 days until E3, there is 2 days before the xbox announcement... one on OurColony.net at 6:30 and the MTV Unveiling at 8:30!

Get it right :)
Blogger DiZZY, at 10.5.05  
ooh im sorry :)
Blogger StenZiL, at 12.5.05  

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