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At School...

Well... im at school. Totally Wasting time, as usual. There isn't a real big shock there. We are supposed to be doing a Powerpoint presentation that I will do when I get home this weekend. It really isn't worth doing right now... Well, my life hasn't changed all that drasticly. My job, as some may know, is in semi-jeopardy. If Kmart/Sears wants us gone, me and brit lose out jobs. Simple as that i guess... :( Well, after School I have to do some filming for Josh and what not, cause he is making his yearly movie for German. It will be great. I love doing the movie for him. they are always fun. As for last year's movie... we'll have it up here... eventually... hopefully... I just have to find a BT tracker and we con post the DVD image. yes, thats right... DVD IMAGE! We are gonna make the raw footage into a DVD in iDVD on my mac (yes thats right, my Mac.) Oh yeah, speaking of apple, did you know that microsoft is using PowerMac G5s for the Xbox 360's (the next Gen xbox) development. I love it! It makes me so happy to hear that Microsoft of all people are relying on Apple. and I cant wait for MacOSX.4 - Tiger to be released so i can pick up a copy... thati s Windows x64 Pro. I gotta buy that too :)

Well, there is gonna be a tornado drill so.. ill leave you!

\/ o_O \./
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