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E3 Revelations

Well everyone, with just under 12 days until the unveiling to the Xbox 360/2/next (it is one of the three :)) I want to make my e3 impressions and opinions on what we will actually see at E3 on the opening day.

The night before the big day, we will have the REALLY BIG press conference that will outline what will be at their big ass booth. We will hopefully see the Revolution -- the "next big thing" and see some prototypes on the actual thing. it would be pretty cool if they try and get the console out the door by the end of 2006. We will see new features for the DS and most likly a REVISE of the SP or a whole new game boy... again... Hopefully we will all see more info come out on a NEW Mario game for the Gamecube and some info on the new Zelda game. And hope to god that they dont show a revised gamecube and hope they dont drop the price to 75 bucks, cause then that will FORCE Sony and Microsoft to drop prices on their counsoles.

Well, since they are doing their BIG announcement on MTV worldwide, they wont have a pre-E3 thinger, they will, in fact, most likly, have the biggest booth there. with all of the new wares for the Xbox and the NEW Xbox... wow is all I will have to say. My only hope is that bungie tells all on the fabled "Halo 2.5" and their developments for the next xbox. And hope that Oblivion is going to be exclusice to the next xbox.

After a year of ups and downs, Sony has alot to prove and not alot to show. Since Sony really didn't do all that well with the PSP (well... yet anyway.) they are going to have to go to hollywood to gain support. The Pre-E3 message i would like them to convey is that we are here to stay and you will be there with our every step. As for the PS3, some prototypes are enough to satisfy anyone. I hope they shoot for a mid-'06 launch of the PS3, and not go with 2 weeks before Nintendo (like microsoft did with the xbox... 2 weeks after the Gamecube came out, hurt sales) But saying that the quality of the PS2's games never improve is an understatement. With games like God Of War and the CoD game, and upcoming games like Kingdom hearts 2, and final Fantasy XII most Sony people will be happy enough. As for the PSP, i hope to see some REVOLUTIONARY titles. If they dont have that "Killer App" soon, I think that they are going to go the way of anyone else who challenged Nintendo for Portable gaming system.

Not much here. All I care about is VALVe's booth. ID and 3D Realms should have a booth too., I want Quake 4 and Duke Nukem Forever material. If not, I could care less, but come on! It would be nice! ESPECALLY 3D REALMS! Get off your lazy asses and give us material! at least a timeframe!!!

Well... thats all for me tonight... i need sleep.

Enjoy the thouhgts!

\/ O_O \/
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Sensory Overload Pt.1

Wow, what a week it has been in the industry in witch i would like to join! Well, it all started on Monday with the beginning of my journy of what OurColony.net actually is. Well, it is the small, team-based, game where XBOX 360 stuffs is unvieled. OMFG! There has been so much information that has been rumored, and semi-confirmed, and E3 is looking better and better as the week goes on... only 3 weeks until the big event, and i wish I was 18 and could go!!! My e3 predictions are still going to be posted around the 10th, but I will say this, on the 12th, on ALL WORLDWIDE MTVs Microsoft is going to unveil the XBOX 360. I am freaking out here!
Anywho, i will be ready and wating... MICROSOFT! Muwahahaha. I am reserving one ASAP! AT Kmart of al lplaces too :) I get 10% off :) it will rule. I cant wait to see the counsole on MTV AND at E3. Hopefully the counsole wont be 500 bucks... like the analysts are saying... but Whatever. Oh yeah. The drunk people, haven't told you about that... yet... Well, we were attempting to film the German movie for Josh and Kirk at Bear Creek, and there were a bunch of rednecks drinking. It was soo funny. We called hte cops on them. A cop came and questioned them, and then when another unit was coming, one of the drunk people attempted to punch an officer. it was so funny! Then they left. but there was one guy who kept falling while attempting to get on his bike, and one just sat there for a long time. It was so funny! Well Bedtime now :)

\/ o_O \/
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At School...

Well... im at school. Totally Wasting time, as usual. There isn't a real big shock there. We are supposed to be doing a Powerpoint presentation that I will do when I get home this weekend. It really isn't worth doing right now... Well, my life hasn't changed all that drasticly. My job, as some may know, is in semi-jeopardy. If Kmart/Sears wants us gone, me and brit lose out jobs. Simple as that i guess... :( Well, after School I have to do some filming for Josh and what not, cause he is making his yearly movie for German. It will be great. I love doing the movie for him. they are always fun. As for last year's movie... we'll have it up here... eventually... hopefully... I just have to find a BT tracker and we con post the DVD image. yes, thats right... DVD IMAGE! We are gonna make the raw footage into a DVD in iDVD on my mac (yes thats right, my Mac.) Oh yeah, speaking of apple, did you know that microsoft is using PowerMac G5s for the Xbox 360's (the next Gen xbox) development. I love it! It makes me so happy to hear that Microsoft of all people are relying on Apple. and I cant wait for MacOSX.4 - Tiger to be released so i can pick up a copy... thati s Windows x64 Pro. I gotta buy that too :)

Well, there is gonna be a tornado drill so.. ill leave you!

\/ o_O \./
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The Best Pic of Stacee Yet! Posted by Hello
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Calyspo Plays DDR. What a talented cat! Posted by Hello
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Well... the caffiene did the trick. she laughed hysterically until she died. (Not really Dead:)) Posted by Hello
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She really didn't want these 3 pics here. So she though she could fight me. Posted by Hello
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Brit + Caffiene = BAD! Posted by Hello
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Josh fell off Billy the Bull! Posted by Hello
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Preppy Goth? No, it's just kayla. Posted by Hello
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there is a cow there :) Posted by Hello
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Oh yeah...

Absolutely insane. That is how most would describe you. You aren't afraid to take risks, and enjoy putting yourself in strange situations. Most people hang out with you because of your hilarious sense of humour. You light up any bad situation, and can help all of your friends with their problems, except for your own. Because of this, you enjoy being around people like you. Many shut you out for your very weird, random personality, but honestly, you shouldn't care.

Most compatible with: Guitar, and another drumstick.

Me AND STACEE are Drumsticks!
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Well, how is my little minons doing? Good... good for you. Well, how many licks does it take to get to the center of a tootsie pop? I dont have that answer, sorry... you'll have to look else were. As for my life, i have all the answers, and more :). Well, im watching Attack of the Show... a.k.a. the Screensavers! DAMN G4!! oh well... anyway, I did a total update of the blog. it is a new theme, and for the most part, it is better. note: the chart has it's own little header! it is awesome. ill try my hardest to update that every week, but it is hard!!! Well, as you may know, I got my drivers licence, and life rules now! I can actually go places I WANT TO GO, without bugging my parents. I am gonna pay off my can in 10 months so I can have an extra 400 bucks in my pocket in a years time :). As for E3 this year... i am going to make my predictions here soon, but I am wating until the week before, i dont wanna spoil MY predictions, and then link you to why i think that. Yup, thats me, uber geeky here! So me and Stacee were driving around and we saw some Deer and a cow. Yup thats right, a cow. It was just sitting there on the side of the road, and I was like WTF?!?!?!?! So I drove back and took a picture. I will post it later. it was pretty cool. as for advancement is my life... there aren't any... Well... my friends... i need sleep, so have fun living!!

\/ ^_^ \/
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Not Much here....

Well everyone, welcome back to my life. There isn't much here. No really, im serious. Well, We got back, and I worked. i went to school, worked, school, ect. and Yeah....... BUT...

TODAY I GOT MY DRIVERS LICENCE!!! YAY! that makes me happy. Thats about all i will say. 24 is good and so is the OC. There is my life.

Oh yeah... me and stacee are hoping to stay together for a long time :).

\/ o_O \/
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This is where you get on the Metro Lightrail system... I think it looks like the inside of a club or something! Posted by Hello
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See that building? It is where evil spawns! Or it needs some color added to it... I say we paint the White House... Green... or Hot Pink... :) Posted by Hello
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The Aftermath of putting a piece of chocolate cake in fron of grandma! (no really... we though she was gonna lick the plate!) Posted by Hello
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Bordom as we are about to board the plane to Virginia... and pretty much the same scene when we were about to get on the plae back... Posted by Hello
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Sweetheart (I forgot about this picture!!!) Posted by Hello
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The Last days of Spring Break 2005.

Well, it was the worst of times, and the boring of times, and it really, really annoyed me. For a while at least. Here is the accounts of the rest of Spring Break.
Well, Thursday was a traveling day, to say the least. After the affects of OMG my wallet is missing, that moring was rushed to say the least. It was the last of the motels for the trip, as we traveled from Williamsburg to Virginia Beach that day. We left around 10:30-ish and I listened to my 'Pod, and played Pokemon... good times. Then when we got to my Uncle's home, no one was there, so we drove around... and ya, that was really about it until an hor lated we ame bak to uncle's house and we were let in my Shela, my uncle's girlfriend. We got our stuff into the house, and then we got bak in the car when my Uncle Jimmy got back from work, and he showed us Virginia Beach. We did go to the beach, but I didn't get out, it was hella cold! But I continued to play Pokemon the whole day. Once we got back to the house, I went upstairs and unpacked camp (reminder: thats my Laptop). I turned on my Airport Extreme card, and to my suprize, I could use 2 people's Wi-Fi internet acess. It was sweet. Free internet for 2 more days! So, I downloaded Naruto 127-128. While it was downloading, me and rachel watched Arrested Development s2ep15 and the Office s1 ep 1 and 2. it was aresome. I love the office, and AD. (and 24 and The OC...) After that, We ate ham... and then I went back upstairs and chatted the rest of the night away. soo... friday = Green again, why not? We got up and I didn't eat as usual. I never ate breakfast on our trip... except for the first day... that was about it... We got in the car, and we saw a ship called "Wisconsin" and we went to a Mall... and then we went to... the beach again... for pictures... and then... we went to a military department store thingy and I got Stacee a gift... I hope she likes it. Now, let me describe, for a moment, the Wisconson ship thingy. It was big, and was metal, and you really couldn't go anywhere in it, other than a few floors and yeah... it realy wasn't all that cold there either, which suprised me... Ok.. so After that ,we got back to the house, and I pretty much stayed up in the room and checked out the ARG (we hope), Unholymovie.com It is spooky, and it looks to be a good one. And then I packed up for the flight on Saturday. Saturday = Red Coloring! Well, WE got up uber early... like 8:00 and we left for the airport at 9:30. Then, we got all checked in and whatnot by about noon, and we sat around at the airport til 1:50-ish and we boarded the plane. The Plane took off at about 2:15-ish and we were bound for home. I played my GBA pretty mcuh the whole way there (which reminds me... *gone from the computer for about 5 minutes* For got I had to charge my GBA!) and listened to the 3hr Essential mix AGAIN! (I think the count is like 10... let me check... nope. 7... but im getting ther ^_-) we landed at about 3:45 and we got our bags and our grandpa met us at the airport to take us home. We got home at about 6, and went to the ranch to eat supper. on the way home Stacee called me from the Dells... I didn't get to see her all weekend O_O , but anyway, then we all got home and we pretty much did nothing. Sunday = This orange-ish color. Well. Today was great! I got up at like 11 oclock after going to be at 3am (well..in all technicallities, it should be 2am... but that damn Daylight Savings thingy...). It was great! Then I did nothing all day, until about... 2-ish when i decided to unpack. I did that and I cleaned the living room. Then about 3-ish, I went into my room and from 3 til about... 7 I organised all of my Pokemon cards. Yup thats right, all of em. I put them in what energy type they are. It was great. Then, I ate some tacos. They were good. And then I watched a great episode of Arrested Devlopment... too bad there is only 2 more episodes left :(. Then I blogged... and talked to Stacee... and then I think im gona be going to bed here soon... not too soon though...

Now. in the Sidebar I am going to have a TOP 10 List. That is weekly of the songs in my 'Top 25 played Songs" list on itunes on my mac. Well.. im gonna go code that in and talk with Stacee some more!

\/ o_O \/
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