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Spring Break 2005! - Days 3,4 and 5

Im done being dumb now.
Alright, now, Spring Break... well, this is the DC days and Williamsburg... so will start off in black.
Well... Day 3, what can i say? It was the worse of times and the even more worse of times. DC is easily the most boring, tourist attraction that i have ever been to... well one of the momst boring. We got up, went to BK for Breakfast, and drove to the Metro Line to go to DC. We sat on the Metro for about 30 minutes, got out of the rail train, and outside, all day, it was raining, note the black font. We went to the Space and Air Museum. It was not fun... there were exhibits. They were boring and educational. Then we went outside, in the rain, and went to the capital. i gave it the finger. then We went to the botanical Guarden. There were lots of Flowers. Then We booted the 1.5/2 mile walk to the Holocaust Museum... it was long. The museum wass depressing. Then we got back on the Train, and went to bob evans, a resturant. we ate food and i left my class ring there. i didn't notice it until we got home. A man took it and kept it. he gave the resturant his card, and they gave the card to me. I chatted with Stacee and then went to sleep. We chatted about... stuff. Next day... Skin Color.
Well, we went back to DC again, but it was sunny and somewhat fun. I listened to my iPod all day. I got up, ate BK again, and then got back on the metro. We rode to Arlington Cemetary. We got on a Tour there. We saw where JFK was buried. he was a cool guy. then we walked a long way to a WWII memorial, The Lincoln memorial, a vietnam mamorial, and something else... oh yeah, a Marine Corps. Memorial. After that, we walked back to the metro. It wasn't all that long. Then, after we departed from the metro station, we ate an Chilli's. they have nasty food there... then we went to the hotel, drove back to bob evans to meet the guy with my ring, got the ring back and then... went to the arcade, chatted with stacee about stuff, and then slept, at the hotel. Day 5 = Dark Green
Well. I got up today and was rushed out the door... and I forgot my wallet... DAMN IT! ohh that pisses me off. then we drove to Williamsburg. i watched Negima the whole way there. We stopped at the hotel and we dropped off our stuff and then went to a really slow Red Lobster. I would put Red Lobster in red, but it really sucked! the service was slow. After that, we went to old skool Colonial williamsburg. What a yawn. We walked there and then came to the hotel again. We realized my wallet was missing and we called the other hotel, they didn't find it. I was more pissed again. then I set up camp (a..k.a. my laptop.) and downloaded The Office Ep.2 and Bleach 25. Got on AIM taled to stacee, watched the office and bleach, then got back on AIM again, Talked to Stacee and Dusty, and then blogged this. And will keep talking to STacee and dustin until I go to bed tonight! Not long til I return to Minnesota!

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hey jake its me dustin hope you have more fun in dc then you have been. the jfk thing was pretty cool wish i could travel somewhere out of minn but hey it sounds like your having a blast you get to eat a bk alot COOOL!! lol
Blogger Dustin Schreader, at 30.3.05  
AHH!!!! get back to minn!!! i miss you!!! but yeah since that is impossible right now, i shall communicate with you through your iBook and my PC. I am talking to you right now... about stuff. Yup yup, *gives you a sexy look* meow
Blogger StenZiL, at 30.3.05  
wow jake with all that walking you should be coming back slim and fit....or you could just come back and sit on your ass wit ya hommie and watch 24 and the oc!! cause that would be great...have a great time on the rest of your trip..peace man
Blogger Oblivious, at 30.3.05  
ya but there is no OC this week, HAHA you missed 24 HAHA josh!!! Me and Jake both watched 24, we were together through the computer watching it, sorta. It's sooo different watching 24 alone without everybody though! It's like OMG look what just happened but then there is nobody else to answer you and communicate with while you talk about the really shocking part during the commercial area. I do not really kno if any of that made sense but I tried my hardest.
Blogger StenZiL, at 31.3.05  
ahhh im sorry everyone, this is my 3rd comment in this awesum post! But i am just sooo bored and have nothing else to really do, I've been constantly listening to Dj Promo for about 3-4 days, every once and a while Orange Range or Ozone but it's mainly been Promo. Wow I'm super bored... peace everyone ^_^
Blogger StenZiL, at 31.3.05  

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