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Spring Break 2005! - Days 0, 1 and 2

Where shall i start? Well, i am going to start on Friday, the after school... cause i dont really want to write a intro today... but anyway... When I got out of school, I was so happy, I wont have to go to classes from one whole week. The semi-good/semi-bad thing is that I am going to be in DC/VA the whole time. Oh well, hope I can make the best of it. But Anyway, when I got out of school, we went to my house. We = me, josh and Stacee :). When we got there we chilled until Brit came so me, josh and her could all get our respective checks and go out on a night on the town. So, while we were at K-Mart, or is it Sears Essentials... oh well fuck that... anyway... i got a sweet pair of Thongs, there is a diffrence between thongs and anal floss... but ill go into that right about now. Anal Floss is when a male of female would wear on their lower extremiditys and call it underwear. I call it anal floss. Now, having said that, Thongs are also known as "flip-flops," a type of snadal that is worn on the feet. but anyway, back to the night. As we got Josh's check, I got a sweet cowboy Bebop T-Shirt at Hot-Topic, and one of those "Trendy Black Rubber Bracelets." It was fun. Then we went to josh's bank, my band and then my house. We watched the episode of The OC that me, josh and brit missed cause we were working. After we watched the OC we went to The hangar Bar and Grill, it was sweetness. they had good food. Then after we ate, we were going to go to the 9:00 shoing of "Guess Who..." but there really wasn't such a show. So we detoured to a culdasac and watched the Northern Lights... so romantic. Me and Stacee made out and we got in the car and made out all the way to the 9:00 movie, only to find out there is no 9pm shoing, but there is a 9:45 showing, so we went to that! I played a bunch of arcade games until we could go in and get seating. We watched the movie and then we went to take Stacee home. We got Stacee home, we kissed each other good-bye and i cryed home. i went to bed once i got home and that was that. Next day equals blue....
Well, I woke up and we basically left about an hour later. We drove to the Airport, and i was all like, Woah, the Airport. As we went through Security, I was always getting caught at the metal detector. Now, I didn't have a gun, or any weapon on me, so I was like alright... WTF!!! Then as i thought about it, the reason I was getting held up was my METAL social Security Card... oops... We all ate at diffrent places, I, out of spite, went to my former employer for food, cause i miss the Spicy Tendercrisp sandwitch... it was the best! Then at about 1:10 we got on our plane. Once we were up in the Air, i turned in my iBook and started to type up my Literary Analysis. I got pretty far. When we landed, we got something to eat at Crackerbarrel and then went to the hotel, where I finished a rought draft of my Lit. Analysis. Bed. today will be in a green...
Today was a good day. Well, get got up and ate breakfast. we loaded up our stuff and came to our next destination, university of virgina. We say Rafiya today and it was great! she looks fantastic, and she must be feeling good cause she was quite happy too. We drove around for ever, and ate at Famous Daves. Their briskit is the best in the world. I have a cornbread muffin, a corn-on-the-cob, Some Rib Tips, Briskit and a Baked Potato. Then we returned Rafiya to her dorm and we proceeded to our new hotel, which looks vagely similar to our old one... probably cause it is the same hotel people. Well, now everyone but me is watching Miss Congeneality II. I didn't want to go... didn't sound like a very good movie... So now i am blogging. the Plan for tonight is... Chat and listen to music/watch the office, then Go eat, then come back... and watch anime for a long time until morning!

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YES!! The northen lights were romantic! hehe we have to do that when you get your car and licease -_^, hope you're having a fun time in Virginia!! hehe, well talk to you on IM right now!! Cya *muah*
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