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The Random Note of 3/10/2k5.

Im dead serious. All Josh and Brittany are doing is making out on my floor... and im right next to then... i just shined the light of my iBook on them and I dont think they have moved for a while... nope, not yet... and it has been a good 20 minutes... I honestly think one of them fell asleep... cause they aren't moving ... oh wait... they shifted about a half foot... it seems brittany want to be in control of their battle... and i really dont thnk they know im commenting on this.... i bet they are reading this right now.... muwahahaha, they will hate me... well, 24 is playing and now they are laying paralell to eachother... they laughed and now i just asked Josh how to spell "laughed" and now they are done making out... time to go to publication.
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Blogger DiZZY, at 11.3.05  
omg jake! i cant believe you posted this! hahaha... it was fun tho ;) it didnt feel like 20 mins at all, but i guess it was, concidering the fact taht there was 2 commercial breaks! lol time flys when your having fun :P

-- sorry if that was awkward for you jake lol
Blogger Brittany, at 11.3.05  
...ahem...well....you know (#^_^#)
Blogger Oblivious, at 12.3.05  
I would have laughed if I heard a really random noise while you two were kissing? LOL that wuzz great... it really wasn't that funny either :-P
Blogger StenZiL, at 12.3.05  
Wow, I think this has been the longest Jake has ever not writen in the blog. Hmmm.. he's probably really busy lately but wow. That-That's insane! Well c ya every1! ^_^
Blogger StenZiL, at 21.3.05  

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