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On the iBook!!!!

Well hello everybody! and how are we today? Wow, amazing, i would have never guessed! Well, I am fine, thanks foir asking! At least I think... well... i do have a wicked cold... but other then that life is great! Damn i need to get used to this iBook keyboard! it is nice and all but the keys, for me anyway, are too spaced out... i will get used to it though.... like a already have (thank god for the "save as draft feature!). Well kets get down to business then shall we? We will start off the weekend in... Purple! (ha, that is awesome...)

Well, Saturday started off pretty lackluster, as usual... and i got up at 9 and then at 10 went to work, got yelled at, did freight, ya know the usual work time. I got off at 4:30 and that is when the real excitement started! You see, before I got to work, I had Brittany dive thru the bank for me real quick so I could get a lot of cash out of the bank so, after an hours drive we arrived at the Mall of America, and we proceeded to the Apple Store so I could get my iBook 14 inch with Superdrive and 512 megabytes of ram and a new 30 gig iPod Photo! Now, the Apple Store is a heaven on Earth! i love that store. I played with a PowerMac g5 tower hooked up to the 30 inch cinema display and i didn't want to leave, ever! it was awesome! We bought the iPod and iBook and then went to eat. We had Taco Bell and stopped at a couple of places on the way too and from the Apple Store. Then, about ohh... 8-ish we went back to the Apple Store and picked up the iBook and the iPod because they installed the RAM upgrade. Then we got back in the truck and proceeded home. I showed everyone the things a aquired and them went to bed!

Sunday [in orange]
got up, went to work, did the usual. go home at 4, and started to screw around with my iBook, and havent stopped yet! muwahahaha. Except for when I watched an hour of arrested development! OMG they were funny episodes, and true to the series. Now tomorrow night is 24! YAY! 24 is the awesomest. Been talkin to Stacee and bloggin' now i gotta get some rest! So everyone have a great week and we'll cya when ever i decide to post next!

\/ O_O \/
[Note: this was all done on a Mac]
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Wow!!! I wanna see your iBook and touch and fool around with your iPod cuz it's photo!!! AHH!! I hope you feel better :-/
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