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Spring Break 2005! - Days 3,4 and 5

Im done being dumb now.
Alright, now, Spring Break... well, this is the DC days and Williamsburg... so will start off in black.
Well... Day 3, what can i say? It was the worse of times and the even more worse of times. DC is easily the most boring, tourist attraction that i have ever been to... well one of the momst boring. We got up, went to BK for Breakfast, and drove to the Metro Line to go to DC. We sat on the Metro for about 30 minutes, got out of the rail train, and outside, all day, it was raining, note the black font. We went to the Space and Air Museum. It was not fun... there were exhibits. They were boring and educational. Then we went outside, in the rain, and went to the capital. i gave it the finger. then We went to the botanical Guarden. There were lots of Flowers. Then We booted the 1.5/2 mile walk to the Holocaust Museum... it was long. The museum wass depressing. Then we got back on the Train, and went to bob evans, a resturant. we ate food and i left my class ring there. i didn't notice it until we got home. A man took it and kept it. he gave the resturant his card, and they gave the card to me. I chatted with Stacee and then went to sleep. We chatted about... stuff. Next day... Skin Color.
Well, we went back to DC again, but it was sunny and somewhat fun. I listened to my iPod all day. I got up, ate BK again, and then got back on the metro. We rode to Arlington Cemetary. We got on a Tour there. We saw where JFK was buried. he was a cool guy. then we walked a long way to a WWII memorial, The Lincoln memorial, a vietnam mamorial, and something else... oh yeah, a Marine Corps. Memorial. After that, we walked back to the metro. It wasn't all that long. Then, after we departed from the metro station, we ate an Chilli's. they have nasty food there... then we went to the hotel, drove back to bob evans to meet the guy with my ring, got the ring back and then... went to the arcade, chatted with stacee about stuff, and then slept, at the hotel. Day 5 = Dark Green
Well. I got up today and was rushed out the door... and I forgot my wallet... DAMN IT! ohh that pisses me off. then we drove to Williamsburg. i watched Negima the whole way there. We stopped at the hotel and we dropped off our stuff and then went to a really slow Red Lobster. I would put Red Lobster in red, but it really sucked! the service was slow. After that, we went to old skool Colonial williamsburg. What a yawn. We walked there and then came to the hotel again. We realized my wallet was missing and we called the other hotel, they didn't find it. I was more pissed again. then I set up camp (a..k.a. my laptop.) and downloaded The Office Ep.2 and Bleach 25. Got on AIM taled to stacee, watched the office and bleach, then got back on AIM again, Talked to Stacee and Dusty, and then blogged this. And will keep talking to STacee and dustin until I go to bed tonight! Not long til I return to Minnesota!

\/ o_O \/
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Spring Break 2005! - Days 0, 1 and 2

Where shall i start? Well, i am going to start on Friday, the after school... cause i dont really want to write a intro today... but anyway... When I got out of school, I was so happy, I wont have to go to classes from one whole week. The semi-good/semi-bad thing is that I am going to be in DC/VA the whole time. Oh well, hope I can make the best of it. But Anyway, when I got out of school, we went to my house. We = me, josh and Stacee :). When we got there we chilled until Brit came so me, josh and her could all get our respective checks and go out on a night on the town. So, while we were at K-Mart, or is it Sears Essentials... oh well fuck that... anyway... i got a sweet pair of Thongs, there is a diffrence between thongs and anal floss... but ill go into that right about now. Anal Floss is when a male of female would wear on their lower extremiditys and call it underwear. I call it anal floss. Now, having said that, Thongs are also known as "flip-flops," a type of snadal that is worn on the feet. but anyway, back to the night. As we got Josh's check, I got a sweet cowboy Bebop T-Shirt at Hot-Topic, and one of those "Trendy Black Rubber Bracelets." It was fun. Then we went to josh's bank, my band and then my house. We watched the episode of The OC that me, josh and brit missed cause we were working. After we watched the OC we went to The hangar Bar and Grill, it was sweetness. they had good food. Then after we ate, we were going to go to the 9:00 shoing of "Guess Who..." but there really wasn't such a show. So we detoured to a culdasac and watched the Northern Lights... so romantic. Me and Stacee made out and we got in the car and made out all the way to the 9:00 movie, only to find out there is no 9pm shoing, but there is a 9:45 showing, so we went to that! I played a bunch of arcade games until we could go in and get seating. We watched the movie and then we went to take Stacee home. We got Stacee home, we kissed each other good-bye and i cryed home. i went to bed once i got home and that was that. Next day equals blue....
Well, I woke up and we basically left about an hour later. We drove to the Airport, and i was all like, Woah, the Airport. As we went through Security, I was always getting caught at the metal detector. Now, I didn't have a gun, or any weapon on me, so I was like alright... WTF!!! Then as i thought about it, the reason I was getting held up was my METAL social Security Card... oops... We all ate at diffrent places, I, out of spite, went to my former employer for food, cause i miss the Spicy Tendercrisp sandwitch... it was the best! Then at about 1:10 we got on our plane. Once we were up in the Air, i turned in my iBook and started to type up my Literary Analysis. I got pretty far. When we landed, we got something to eat at Crackerbarrel and then went to the hotel, where I finished a rought draft of my Lit. Analysis. Bed. today will be in a green...
Today was a good day. Well, get got up and ate breakfast. we loaded up our stuff and came to our next destination, university of virgina. We say Rafiya today and it was great! she looks fantastic, and she must be feeling good cause she was quite happy too. We drove around for ever, and ate at Famous Daves. Their briskit is the best in the world. I have a cornbread muffin, a corn-on-the-cob, Some Rib Tips, Briskit and a Baked Potato. Then we returned Rafiya to her dorm and we proceeded to our new hotel, which looks vagely similar to our old one... probably cause it is the same hotel people. Well, now everyone but me is watching Miss Congeneality II. I didn't want to go... didn't sound like a very good movie... So now i am blogging. the Plan for tonight is... Chat and listen to music/watch the office, then Go eat, then come back... and watch anime for a long time until morning!

\/ o_O \/
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The Random Note of 3/10/2k5.

Im dead serious. All Josh and Brittany are doing is making out on my floor... and im right next to then... i just shined the light of my iBook on them and I dont think they have moved for a while... nope, not yet... and it has been a good 20 minutes... I honestly think one of them fell asleep... cause they aren't moving ... oh wait... they shifted about a half foot... it seems brittany want to be in control of their battle... and i really dont thnk they know im commenting on this.... i bet they are reading this right now.... muwahahaha, they will hate me... well, 24 is playing and now they are laying paralell to eachother... they laughed and now i just asked Josh how to spell "laughed" and now they are done making out... time to go to publication.
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On the iBook!!!!

Well hello everybody! and how are we today? Wow, amazing, i would have never guessed! Well, I am fine, thanks foir asking! At least I think... well... i do have a wicked cold... but other then that life is great! Damn i need to get used to this iBook keyboard! it is nice and all but the keys, for me anyway, are too spaced out... i will get used to it though.... like a already have (thank god for the "save as draft feature!). Well kets get down to business then shall we? We will start off the weekend in... Purple! (ha, that is awesome...)

Well, Saturday started off pretty lackluster, as usual... and i got up at 9 and then at 10 went to work, got yelled at, did freight, ya know the usual work time. I got off at 4:30 and that is when the real excitement started! You see, before I got to work, I had Brittany dive thru the bank for me real quick so I could get a lot of cash out of the bank so, after an hours drive we arrived at the Mall of America, and we proceeded to the Apple Store so I could get my iBook 14 inch with Superdrive and 512 megabytes of ram and a new 30 gig iPod Photo! Now, the Apple Store is a heaven on Earth! i love that store. I played with a PowerMac g5 tower hooked up to the 30 inch cinema display and i didn't want to leave, ever! it was awesome! We bought the iPod and iBook and then went to eat. We had Taco Bell and stopped at a couple of places on the way too and from the Apple Store. Then, about ohh... 8-ish we went back to the Apple Store and picked up the iBook and the iPod because they installed the RAM upgrade. Then we got back in the truck and proceeded home. I showed everyone the things a aquired and them went to bed!

Sunday [in orange]
got up, went to work, did the usual. go home at 4, and started to screw around with my iBook, and havent stopped yet! muwahahaha. Except for when I watched an hour of arrested development! OMG they were funny episodes, and true to the series. Now tomorrow night is 24! YAY! 24 is the awesomest. Been talkin to Stacee and bloggin' now i gotta get some rest! So everyone have a great week and we'll cya when ever i decide to post next!

\/ O_O \/
[Note: this was all done on a Mac]
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Well, i am gonna be breif, and straight foreward. I am NOT getting a personalized iPod, sadly! We are going up to the Mac Store and getting my iBook and what not...

thats all i have to say :)

\/ o_O \/
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that is the iPod engraving i am gonna get on my 30gig Photo iPod Posted by Hello
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tjat is the GREAT WALL OF SHOES!!! Be Afraid, be very Afraid! Posted by Hello
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