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The weekend report thingy...

Well, after i wrote chicken's quiz, i was almost for sure he would ave made an attempt on my life... or something... well... lets start with the color purple.

Well, Saturday came and I got up and went to work. Me and brit are making the shoe department pretty! or at least organized and whatnot! but she was attacked by shoes that were in a case of freight. Brit has a hypothesis about work. When we get there we dont talk much and we are tired, we go on breawk, eat something and then come back to work and are on a natural high, or rubber fumes from all of the shoes... and we are always talking and joking as we work! It is great! Then I went home, and ate pizza and then Stacee came over. We watched Cowbot Bebop, and the beginning of Dodgeball. The previous post would be inserted here. We kissed. She went home and I did a post on the kiss. then I proceeded to screw around until 2-ish.

Sunday will be in This redish Orange Color.

I got up again at 9-ish, took a shower (like Saturday... forgot to put that in there) and went to work. Then, today (yes today is still sunday) at work, well...
We were talking in the stockroom , as we do everyday, Now we talk about pretty much everything there, it is great! Today we were talking about the matrix. she was like "watch this" and she attempts the "neo dodges bullets/bullet-time sequence" and she falls over, knocks over a full glass of cold coffee and gets the coffee everywhere. Then, the rest of the day, she proceeded to be kinda weird all day... It was great. Then I came home and cleaned. Then Posted this, and whatnot, and then not, i am going to go clean some more... almost done! Oblivious fact and what not in... Green!

We are redoing the basement and I am getting some new end-tables, for a new couch, and a new desk. Awesomeness as I would call it! Well, im gonna go clean now, then sleep.

\/ o_O \
ps. print this out eveyone and pass it around school so everyone can hate me ^^
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ummm this really has nothing to do with your post but u keep mentioning this "chicken" person...is he the biggest homo on earth or am i misreading the stuff u guys have said??? i think i have the right to know as a fellow blogger that if he is or is not i dont want a human booster shot..
Blogger dr. demento, at 27.2.05  
yum. yum. yum. *tickle tickle tickle* bounce bounce bounce! water,
Blogger StenZiL, at 1.3.05  

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