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Well, how is everyone doing out there is cyberspace? -pause- Thats GREAT! Yes, i know you are wondering how I am doing too! Well... this whole weekend has been kinda odd, so let me start out in.. oh... lets say... dark blue

Well, on Saturday, My mom, sister, joyce and cathy left for the cities for my sister's swiming meet. I wen't to work as usual, and did quite alot with freight and what not. Came home, and then went out to Stacee's house to fix her computer and chill out for a while. It was all downhill from there. As time flew by, we noticed it was around 9:30, and I softly spoke "Dude... I need a ride home!" So Stacee called he mom, and she said over the phone "Be there soon!" or something to that extent... I really don't know what was said... but anyway. About another half-hour passed and my Dad called, and he wanted me to come home. I told him that I was going to get a ride and I should be home within the hour. WRONG!!! My dad called back at about 11:30 and he told me he was coming to pick me up. He wen't out to the trailer; maily because he was oblivious to the fact there was no trailer anymore. Oops on my part! Well... about 11:30 dad got me home, and I was really Sorry about all that, but he didn't believe me!!! Ok So I came downstairs, and played CSS and then went to bed. Next color... hmm... I would have to go with... RED!

Ok Sunday! Got up and Went To work... then came home, watched Kung-Fu Hustle and SAW, then played Guild Wars for a bit. Great game! Cant wait for the Full Version! It is a really sweet! AFter Playing Guild Wars for the shortest 4 hours of my life, I came to the realization the MMO's that are of quality like that and are free... the publishers and developers have to feel happy about that! Now what Color.... GREEN!

Monday! And im not at school! Why? Cause it is President's Day! YAY! But I worked... from 10-4:30 with Lis. We got aLot of freight done.And we Hired my Part Timer! Brtiiany is who we hired! YAY! Not only will she work hard, she also is a friend who i can talk to! YAY! The I went home and saw my mom and sister! They returned from the Cities! They walked around the mall of America apparently during the weekend, and i told them if they do they have to get me iPod Socks! And they did! It Rules! They Rule! My Mom and sister had a good weekend! Then, I went to Stacee's again! We watched 24 there with Brittany, and Josh... but I dont even want to go into what was instore for Josh. I came home after one of the best episodes of 24 ever and came downstairs and am now going to go sleep. And my iPod is acting up... again... no suprise there though. Cant wait til I have the Money for my 14" iBook and my new iPod! I need them badly. I think I am just going to give my old iPod to Rachel, after it comes back from best buy of course (so pretty much it will be new, cause this iPod is actung up like a troubled child on crack!)

Well, Im off I need to sleep, gonna get a small amount of sleep in before school tomorrow!

Love you all (especally Stacee ^^)

\/ o_O \/
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Blogger Oblivious, at 22.2.05  
hey jake! ummm... who says im gonna work hard?! hahaha i will... if im not too tired :P i still cant get over the fact that your my boss... what a joke! lol :)

P.S. i was kidding about all that... but it should be fun. and if not, we'll make it fun somehow. and we have to get rid of their lame music...!
Blogger Brittany, at 22.2.05  
Yeah that was pretty much my same weekend too... i love you very muchez!! ^_^ *kiss*
Blogger StenZiL, at 23.2.05  

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