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Valentines Day Still Sucks

Well, another year, another valentines day. Although I have Stacee ^^ I still have valentines day, especally dances put on by the school that are harbored for the mere fact of making a holiday that makes lonely people sad and people with other happy... im stuck in the middle. As Much as i would love to be extremely happy, and i cant come to that level of "happiness," why cant i, i really dont know.
One thing that I do know is that Maria will live a painful and humiliating life in which her rise and fall will be assocated with cheating and lies. I thoughgt the president was bad, but Maria takes the cake, but the diffrence is that she doesn't make important decisions... but if she did... we would be at war with everyone and everything... no matter what she would do, it would fuck with everything and ruin what previous generations have strived to biuld. Much like the American Psyche. Or at least the American Government's Psyche. and Maria's Psyche... only well... you get the picture. At least when I lie, I dont undermine it. She said she wasn't going to sweetheart at all, and she shows up. Now, im not mad that she went with someone else at all, the fact that she lied about it, that is what pissed me off so much! Oh Well...
As for tonight, here is a breakdown of what happened. We got at Sweetheart at like... 9:30, and stayed til the end, which was 11:30... and in between those 2 hours, me and Stacee and Josh and Brit sat and did nothing... I sand a little ^^ Then we went to Denny's, God I love denniy's! The waiter that we have was extremely boring and dull, as if he was somewhere else, but was still on planet earth for no reason what so ever. Then, we took Stacee home. I kiseed her! YAY! Then I got back in the car... van... and I was dropped off. And I came to blog this.
Now, as for Music at this "dance" it was hardly dance music at all... more like rap... lots of it.I wish Rap loving white people would somehow disaspear and listen to things like Trance, Dance, ect. but that will never happen. Mainly because Rap is so mainstream, and because "Rappers" as they are called, just fill young teen's heads with mindless propaganda on how they should live their lives by going into major debt with 100 thousand dollar cars and really big houses, not caring if you have sex with 100 people or just one per night. yes, that is what Rap is teaching the youth, but no one will ever see that. Never will anyone see that rationalizaton.

Well im off to bed, gonna work tomorrow.

\/ O_O \/
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Hey Jake!! Yes the music DID indeed suck. I still had fun though. Best dance i've ever been to. Even though we just sat around and talked. Dennys was just blah I swear. Me u brit and josh were all tired and out of it, it was kind of funny. Thank you for describing the puke in my comment section!! LoL I love you.^^ -StenZ.
Blogger StenZiL, at 13.2.05  
grow up
Blogger chris, at 16.2.05  
there is more important things in life to complain about and to worrie about , get a real life and stop complaining.so the dance didnt go ur way oh well!! there are alot of other girls out there, but still doesnt give u the right to degrade that chick!! takes a reall man to do that! like i said before grow up act your age !!
Blogger chris, at 16.2.05  
I'm with Chris, Jake really needs to grow up. If anyone wants to hear my thoughts on this fool, go to pbpunk.blogspot.com
Blogger pbpunk, at 16.2.05  
wow..Jake needs to grow up..hmmm.. thats odd....he at least lets people know who is saying things...instead of saying shit anonomusly..like say picking a blog name and using that so no one can tell who is saying what they wouldn't say face to face...and can't be accountable....weird... at least he is saying what he thinks and letting people know it.... and not hiding behind shitty blogger names (^_^)
Blogger Oblivious, at 16.2.05  
josh, i agree, you should post your real physical info on your blogs, it would greatly be apprecaited. Also, if you are to hide behind dumb little screen names, at least pick cool ones!
Blogger DiZZY, at 16.2.05  
by the way pdpunk isnt that chick you thout he was. pdpunk is a boy! just to let you know that. but its okay to be wrong at times. do you feel sorry for yourself i mean seriosly you talk of all this bad crape and how youll never find happyness, get over your self. and true true i am a girl , i dont know you and i really dont think i would like to afterall you talk so much shit!do you feel good bout your self i mean your self esteem should be high right now, after all you put others down probaly to make yourself feel good and big inside but your really not! so whatever her name is did you wrong move on with your life. its not the end of the world. leave it alone. she did wrong but your doing alot worse. you dont like liers nor ppl who talk smack yet you do it your self and alot worse so there fore that would make you a hipacrite!! like i said before grow up.
Blogger chris, at 22.2.05  

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