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Time to, sort things out.

And this is my Favorite Song to sing along, when the DJ throws it on, and if I leave tonight and i fall asleep, hopefully she got some teeth... or brains, that would be nice too ^^

Now ok, got a few things on my mind
1) =The dance really did go my way.

2) pbpunk, i know you are maria (and if your not, then tell me, cause i need to know who im yelling at, Mikky if it is you, I really dont care wht you have to say), you almost have to be to know where my place in the internet is, and frankly, i hope you enjoy my writing.

3) Maria, you lied, plain and simple. you said, and i quote "I cant go, my parents wont let me," you could have easily said, "Oh, I have a date already" simple as that, ya know?

4)Honestly, I could care less, if you want to be friends, or be at least lest hostile towards each other, apologize, and I will do the same thing back, apologize.

5) No Bush tatics here, please, lets not state falsified facts.

6) Chris, i know you are a female, and your blog isn't working FYI.
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