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The weekend report thingy...

Well, after i wrote chicken's quiz, i was almost for sure he would ave made an attempt on my life... or something... well... lets start with the color purple.

Well, Saturday came and I got up and went to work. Me and brit are making the shoe department pretty! or at least organized and whatnot! but she was attacked by shoes that were in a case of freight. Brit has a hypothesis about work. When we get there we dont talk much and we are tired, we go on breawk, eat something and then come back to work and are on a natural high, or rubber fumes from all of the shoes... and we are always talking and joking as we work! It is great! Then I went home, and ate pizza and then Stacee came over. We watched Cowbot Bebop, and the beginning of Dodgeball. The previous post would be inserted here. We kissed. She went home and I did a post on the kiss. then I proceeded to screw around until 2-ish.

Sunday will be in This redish Orange Color.

I got up again at 9-ish, took a shower (like Saturday... forgot to put that in there) and went to work. Then, today (yes today is still sunday) at work, well...
We were talking in the stockroom , as we do everyday, Now we talk about pretty much everything there, it is great! Today we were talking about the matrix. she was like "watch this" and she attempts the "neo dodges bullets/bullet-time sequence" and she falls over, knocks over a full glass of cold coffee and gets the coffee everywhere. Then, the rest of the day, she proceeded to be kinda weird all day... It was great. Then I came home and cleaned. Then Posted this, and whatnot, and then not, i am going to go clean some more... almost done! Oblivious fact and what not in... Green!

We are redoing the basement and I am getting some new end-tables, for a new couch, and a new desk. Awesomeness as I would call it! Well, im gonna go clean now, then sleep.

\/ o_O \
ps. print this out eveyone and pass it around school so everyone can hate me ^^
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that is Robot Jake! Tremble in his footsteps! Posted by Hello
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Brittany while we were on break, spacing out, thinking about the meaning of life... or work... one of the 2... Posted by Hello
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I found my knife i always lose! YAY! Posted by Hello
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that is the insides to a new g5 iMac, sweet thing! Posted by Hello
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that is me, eating a cardboard sandwitch at work, that is what i call boredom! Posted by Hello
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first kiss

the title says it all...


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Chicken's Quiz

Whom ever prints my posts out, print this and give it to chicken, he will love it!

Chicken, lets play a little game, shall we? If you want the previous posts deleted, you must beat my quiz. The rules are simple. If you do not complete this quiuz with a score of AT LEAST 85%, have completed each question (Write something random if you have to!), and is completed by 7:30 a.m. Friday, March 4, 2005, I will take everything down. If you fail, nothing happened, and we end all communications between all of us. You, me, maria, and everyone else, nothing more will be said, and nothing will be sensored, at all. If you do not ever attempted it, I will score it as a fail, and nothing will happen. Speaking to me, josh, stacee, brittany or dustin. Also, when time expires, whether you fail or not, nothing more will be said, period. Oh yeah, if you physically touch me again, or anyone who is my friend, you are immedatly disqualfifed!

-Let the Game Begin!

1. %43%68%69%63%6b%65%6e%2c%20%49%20%73%65%65%20%79%6f%75%20%61%72%65%20%67%6f%6f%64%20%61%74%20%67%75%65%73%73%69%6e%67%20%74%68%69%6e%67%73%2c%20%62%75%74%20%74%68%65%20%63%68%61%6c%6c%65%6e%67%65%20%69%73%20%73%74%69%6c%6c%20%74%6f%20%63%6f%6d%65%20%53%74%61%67%65%20%31%20%63%6f%6d%70%6c%65%74%65%21
what does it spell out?

2. 0100001101101000011010010110001101101011011001010110111000100000010100000110000101110011011100110110010101110011001000000110001101101000011000010110110001101100011001010110111001100111011001010010000000110010001011000010000001100010011101010111010000100000011100100110010101110011011101000010000001100001011100110111001101110101011100100110010101100100001011000010000001110100011010000110010101111001001000000110011101100101011101000010000001101000011000010111001001100100011001010111001000101110001011100010111000101110
what does it spell out?

Miageta yozora no hoshitachi no hikari
Miageta Yozora no hoshitachi no hikari

Hitotsu futatsu kane no ne wa hibiku kokoro no nakaheto hiroku fukaku
Monogatarino youna hoshi no shizuku sono naka no hosoi senro wo kizuku
Jikan to tomo ni jidai wa ugoku nagareru hoshi wa shizuka ni uchoku
Me wo tojita mimi wo sumase Bye kick! Oh Oh! Kick Bye!

Hanatsu hikari makezu ni shikkari ima tokihanate dareka ni todokumade
Eikou no hikari wa kono mukou ni kimitachi to tsukutteku story

Miageta yozora no hoshitachi no hikari
Inishie no omoi egaita jidai wo koe iro aserukoto naku todoku
Kirari hitomi ni utsuru dareka no sakebi
Kikasenu momoi wo tsukinuketaiyo chikaru aru kagiri ikitekunda kyou mo

Miageta yozora no hoshitachi no hikari
Inishie no omoi egaita jidai wo koe iro aserukoto naku todoku
Bokurano omoi mo itsuka dareka no mune ni
Hikari tsudukeyou ano hoshi no you ni

Whatis the title of this song and what does it all mean in english?

There's a coldness in the air
but i don't care....
(Embrace me...surround me)

Travelling somewhere
could be anywhere
there's a coldness in the air
but i don't care
we drift deeper
life goes on
we drift deeper
into the sound

(Embrace me...surround me.. as the rush..)

Travelling somewhere
could be anywhere
there's a coldness in the air
yeah but i don't care
we drift deeper into the song
life goes on
we drift deeper into the sound
feeling strong

so bring it on so bring it onnnn
we drift deeper into the song
life goes on
we drift deeper into the sound
feeling strong
so bring it on so bring it onnnn
we drift deeper........

we drift deeper life goes on
we drift deeper drift deeper
we drift deeper into the song
life goes on
we drift deeper into the sound
feeling strong
so bring it on so bring it onnnn
we drift deeper into the song
life goes on
we drift deeper into the sound
feeling strong
so bring it on so bring it onnnn

embrace me .. surround me
as the rush comes [ x 8 ]

as the rush comes
as the rush comes
as the rush comes...

What is the Song Name, Artist, and remix count for this song?



this message is encoded 3 times, each in a diffrent algorithm. In order what are the algorithms that were used?

Good luck!
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Ipod Socks... Sorry about the quality of the pic! Posted by Hello
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STACEE!!! In her hat... I like it! Posted by Hello
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We Are Human After All....

- Currently Listening to - :Daft Punk - "Human After All"

Well, how is everyone doing out there is cyberspace? -pause- Thats GREAT! Yes, i know you are wondering how I am doing too! Well... this whole weekend has been kinda odd, so let me start out in.. oh... lets say... dark blue

Well, on Saturday, My mom, sister, joyce and cathy left for the cities for my sister's swiming meet. I wen't to work as usual, and did quite alot with freight and what not. Came home, and then went out to Stacee's house to fix her computer and chill out for a while. It was all downhill from there. As time flew by, we noticed it was around 9:30, and I softly spoke "Dude... I need a ride home!" So Stacee called he mom, and she said over the phone "Be there soon!" or something to that extent... I really don't know what was said... but anyway. About another half-hour passed and my Dad called, and he wanted me to come home. I told him that I was going to get a ride and I should be home within the hour. WRONG!!! My dad called back at about 11:30 and he told me he was coming to pick me up. He wen't out to the trailer; maily because he was oblivious to the fact there was no trailer anymore. Oops on my part! Well... about 11:30 dad got me home, and I was really Sorry about all that, but he didn't believe me!!! Ok So I came downstairs, and played CSS and then went to bed. Next color... hmm... I would have to go with... RED!

Ok Sunday! Got up and Went To work... then came home, watched Kung-Fu Hustle and SAW, then played Guild Wars for a bit. Great game! Cant wait for the Full Version! It is a really sweet! AFter Playing Guild Wars for the shortest 4 hours of my life, I came to the realization the MMO's that are of quality like that and are free... the publishers and developers have to feel happy about that! Now what Color.... GREEN!

Monday! And im not at school! Why? Cause it is President's Day! YAY! But I worked... from 10-4:30 with Lis. We got aLot of freight done.And we Hired my Part Timer! Brtiiany is who we hired! YAY! Not only will she work hard, she also is a friend who i can talk to! YAY! The I went home and saw my mom and sister! They returned from the Cities! They walked around the mall of America apparently during the weekend, and i told them if they do they have to get me iPod Socks! And they did! It Rules! They Rule! My Mom and sister had a good weekend! Then, I went to Stacee's again! We watched 24 there with Brittany, and Josh... but I dont even want to go into what was instore for Josh. I came home after one of the best episodes of 24 ever and came downstairs and am now going to go sleep. And my iPod is acting up... again... no suprise there though. Cant wait til I have the Money for my 14" iBook and my new iPod! I need them badly. I think I am just going to give my old iPod to Rachel, after it comes back from best buy of course (so pretty much it will be new, cause this iPod is actung up like a troubled child on crack!)

Well, Im off I need to sleep, gonna get a small amount of sleep in before school tomorrow!

Love you all (especally Stacee ^^)

\/ o_O \/
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My thoughts about Maria and her minions

You put yourself in stupid places
Yes I think you know it’s true
Situations where it’s easy to look down on you
I think you like to be the victim
I think you like to be in pain
I think you make yourself a victim
Almost every single day

Eat Me!
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Time to, sort things out.

And this is my Favorite Song to sing along, when the DJ throws it on, and if I leave tonight and i fall asleep, hopefully she got some teeth... or brains, that would be nice too ^^

Now ok, got a few things on my mind
1) =The dance really did go my way.

2) pbpunk, i know you are maria (and if your not, then tell me, cause i need to know who im yelling at, Mikky if it is you, I really dont care wht you have to say), you almost have to be to know where my place in the internet is, and frankly, i hope you enjoy my writing.

3) Maria, you lied, plain and simple. you said, and i quote "I cant go, my parents wont let me," you could have easily said, "Oh, I have a date already" simple as that, ya know?

4)Honestly, I could care less, if you want to be friends, or be at least lest hostile towards each other, apologize, and I will do the same thing back, apologize.

5) No Bush tatics here, please, lets not state falsified facts.

6) Chris, i know you are a female, and your blog isn't working FYI.
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Valentines Day Still Sucks

Well, another year, another valentines day. Although I have Stacee ^^ I still have valentines day, especally dances put on by the school that are harbored for the mere fact of making a holiday that makes lonely people sad and people with other happy... im stuck in the middle. As Much as i would love to be extremely happy, and i cant come to that level of "happiness," why cant i, i really dont know.
One thing that I do know is that Maria will live a painful and humiliating life in which her rise and fall will be assocated with cheating and lies. I thoughgt the president was bad, but Maria takes the cake, but the diffrence is that she doesn't make important decisions... but if she did... we would be at war with everyone and everything... no matter what she would do, it would fuck with everything and ruin what previous generations have strived to biuld. Much like the American Psyche. Or at least the American Government's Psyche. and Maria's Psyche... only well... you get the picture. At least when I lie, I dont undermine it. She said she wasn't going to sweetheart at all, and she shows up. Now, im not mad that she went with someone else at all, the fact that she lied about it, that is what pissed me off so much! Oh Well...
As for tonight, here is a breakdown of what happened. We got at Sweetheart at like... 9:30, and stayed til the end, which was 11:30... and in between those 2 hours, me and Stacee and Josh and Brit sat and did nothing... I sand a little ^^ Then we went to Denny's, God I love denniy's! The waiter that we have was extremely boring and dull, as if he was somewhere else, but was still on planet earth for no reason what so ever. Then, we took Stacee home. I kiseed her! YAY! Then I got back in the car... van... and I was dropped off. And I came to blog this.
Now, as for Music at this "dance" it was hardly dance music at all... more like rap... lots of it.I wish Rap loving white people would somehow disaspear and listen to things like Trance, Dance, ect. but that will never happen. Mainly because Rap is so mainstream, and because "Rappers" as they are called, just fill young teen's heads with mindless propaganda on how they should live their lives by going into major debt with 100 thousand dollar cars and really big houses, not caring if you have sex with 100 people or just one per night. yes, that is what Rap is teaching the youth, but no one will ever see that. Never will anyone see that rationalizaton.

Well im off to bed, gonna work tomorrow.

\/ O_O \/
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Happy 1st (belated) Birthday!

Yes, that is right, my blog is one year old... seems only like yeasterday I started blogging...

I got a date to sweetheart! With Stacee! YAY!

All is well... now im off to school!

\/ o_O \/
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Well, as you can see, I am blogging... blogging is fun. the Superbowl, is not. It is a n over commercialized event... good for promoters... not for anti-capitalstics out there, we hate it. Now to get off that subject, im gonna switch gears... wait a minute... that is the star wars theme on the awards ceramony... damn them! ok... any way... Work rules! I am getting paid 9 dollars an hour to make sure the shoe department at kmart is straigtened and filled and I now do payroll and management shit like that... very easy... unlike Burger King... which sucked total balls.

School is easy... well.. this semester anyway... no journalism... thats always nice... the MVP of the superbowl get a Cadilac? how gay is that... damn product placement...

Not much has happened in my life... so...

Ah yes, thats what I forgot... Maria is a whore, and a lying one at that. She said, oh yeah... ill go to sweetheart with you.. then she says, i can go to sweetheart... then I find out that she is going with someone else and hopes that i dont come. Paypack is a bitch... and maria is a bitch, so i guess they go hand in hand... kind of... i think...

24 is moving along quite nicely. So is the OC and AD... and now there is AD2 (me and josh are taking that lucielle and lucielle2 from AD.... god thats great) Then there is MTV2... they are re-launching the channel... and i think it will suck even more than it always does.

Well.. it is time for me to watch the new simpsons episode and AMERICAN DAD!!!! (Also known as AD2)

\/ O_O \/
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That is Me at Work... sweet picture aint it? Posted by Hello
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that is my child from Bio. We were doing genetics. It is supposed to be a girl.... Posted by Hello
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that ut freight... it is a bitch to do. Posted by Hello
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the 3 carts of returns at work.. i still have to put out 2 out of the 3 cause there was actually 4 carts... that pic is old... Posted by Hello
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