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So this is the new year... And I dont feel any diffrent...

Alas, 2004 has past, and we welcom the new year, 2005. What can 2k5 hold for us... I really dont know... im no psychic. All I know is that with the new year brings a whole new set of problems... mainly school, and thats about it. As much as I would like to keep a relationship with someone, I dont think anyone will take me. As you can see, I really didn't do anything this New Year's Eve, I just stayed at home and Watched the O.C. Season 1. Well, since I didn't give you a christmas "update" heres what went on in the past week, in which I called my Winter Break. Well, when I got home from school early on Thursday, I chilled out, didn't do much, hell, I didn't even work. Slept, got back up, and it was Christmas Eve, OMFG, what a day. not only did I watch '24' all day, we opened presents. That kicked total ass. I got soo much sool stuff. I got "The O.C. Season1," A new "serial Experiments: Lain" bag from Animecornerstore.com, a Naruto Keychain from Animecornerstore.com, 30 bucks to Barnes and Noble, Some really comfy pajammas, Please Teacher Vol.1 Collectors Edition Box Set (which was a photo album, the 1st cound collection, the first DVD, and the box.), Neon Genesis Eva: Platinum Vol. 3, Dodgeball, napoleon Dynomite, and My favorite present of all, the Kill bill: Brides Sword. That just kicked ass! I love that sword! It rules! So, i got all that, and I was like YAY!!! And I slept on it. And got up christmas day. That morning (about 11) we went to my grandparents how and had another christmas, in which I got 50 bucks to best buy and a 25 visa gift card... and yeah... we had our big christmas dinner and watched football and went home and i slept. To awake to the next day where me and Josh spent pretty much the whole day at my house, watching TV and chit... ok not the whole day... he came ove at like 5 and yeah... we watched the last 5 episodes of 24 and an episode of arrested development. Ah... Arrested Development... love that show. Then came Monday. Me and Josh and My dad, and My sister went to beat Buy, and I got Arrested Development Season 1, Please Twins Vol. 2 and Neon Genesis Eva: Platinum Vol.4... with the 50 dollar gift card and an extra 22 (I got 40 in cash and 20 it Kwik Trip... forgot to say that about what I got for christmas) and then we went to Taco Bell, where I ate a Pepperoni Personal Pan Pizza, 3 breadsticks and 2 Soft Shell Tacos. We went home, and josh had to go home, so I watched Arrested Development, all night (like 5 to 12...) and I watched all of it but the last 3 episodes. When I got up the next day I sat down at my computer, then decided to watch the last 3 episodes... and I only got 2 in because sreten called and said come over, so i did. I gazed at his new G5 iMac for a long time, and then I ended up staying at his house for the night. We went to Kwik Trip at like... 12:30-ish am and got snacks. We watched a bunch of movies and stuff at sretens house, and I installed Apple's OSX.3 on an old G3 Mac that sreten gave to me for a while, in which is in my bedroom.... I did a bunch of stuff on wednesday with sreten, then when I got home to set up the mac, it didn't work, at all... Thrusday, a.k.a. 2 nighs ago, I stayed at home and updated the mac and played around with it for a while. Then Friday came, new years eve. I did absolutly nothing that day... well, i take that back, I got paid, then I ate some BK, and went to wal mart and got new glasses and a pair of sunglasses which was really cool. Then I came home and chilled out by watching the O.C. all night. And then Midnight struck, and I really didn't care. Sure, it is a new year but really, just like the title says, and a good lyric from a song, I dont feel any diffrent.I feel like what I did last year, only more experienced, I guess. It is almost one year writing in this blog, and I hope to contiune to write here for years to come. But, already today I had to go pick up my sister from the RAdison Hotel because my sister was babysitting some people's kids there, she made 40 bucks. Then We stopped at quik trip and got some milk and food. We got home, I came down here, re-installed Norton Anti-Virus 2005, and started writing this. In which I will Publish this and most likly go to bed, in hopes that work doesn't suck tomorrow!

Happy New Year Everybody!!!

\/ O_o \/ Peace
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hey man happy new year. glad u ended up having a good NYE anyways. y did u reinstall norton?
Blogger Oblivious, at 2.1.05  
Oh, something got fuct... as usual...

I have been watching the O.C.... alot, and I think I know why I have no problem not ever getting the girl...

Talk to ya at school Josh...
Blogger DiZZY, at 3.1.05  

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