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Journalism Chaos....  Posted by Hello
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I hope Jess becomes my Girlfriend... I have one obstacle... Gweedo Posted by Hello
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24 Bottles of Bawls on the table, all drank! Posted by Hello
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I work with Daniel, he is a cool guy!! Posted by Hello
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Nathan goes insane, and dustin wonders what the hell is going on!!! Posted by Hello
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Mr. Freemanm it is 2 a.m.

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My head hurts...

There could be reasons for that though... uh... Well... lets see, since the last post I haven't really advanced in my life, at all... go figure. Any suprize? no, not really... i didn't think so. Well... Halo2, the greater disapointment, go figure! Well 2/3 REALLY BIG games (i.e. Doom3 Halo2 and Half-Life2) sucked total ass. Lets hope HL2 is better!!! well.. 2 days until HL2... YAY!!!! im so happy! On monday I should get everything in my gold package.. that will be nice. Im listining to the ILB Post-ARG thingy... very funny. All I know is that I need sleep.
Last night er... was is this morning I was at.... hm... ok... uh... I went to a lock-in at Josh's church, and we had fun. Me, Jess, Amanda, Dustin and Josh went. We met up with Nick, he is a psycho. We bought 24 bottles of bawls for that night, and we drank all 24 bottles by midnight (meaning in about 3 hrs, we drank them all!!!!!!!!) Well, I had a great time, especally because Jess was there... I love jess.. that night solidifed it. She left at about 4 cause she was hella tired, i dont blame her at all. Not at all. I thought about having her mom drop me off at my house... but i was like, nah, thats ok, im gonna stay. We got home at 8 am today... which was uh... today... then I slept til 3pm... went to work.. oh god... THAT WAS SOOO FUNNY!!!! Cause on guy said something about Cheeseburgers and I was like, uh... 20 cheeseburgers.. and he was like uh... no.. 2. Oh... i see... I think that the voice cast of ILB is crazy! Well, thats ok. I want a ILB2... call is I love Bees 2: Electric Boogaloo... or uh... I love bees also... teeheehee, thats whay they say anyways... Well, you wont here from me til like... after uh... I play HL2... at uh 2 in the morn... ok? Peace

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