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Time to Explain... I think

So, parents dont like the blog... cause they dont like me expressing my thoughts... but rambling? Well, thats spiffy... I mean, who knows, maybe ill become a famous journalist who writes about technology... i think... Well, they should just get over the fact that I just ramble here... cause rambling beats the shit out of bitching people out... cause then people get all pissy... and it pisses me off... especally when it has to do with our FAVORITE government... yeah.. riiight... The Daily Show rules... it is soo funny!! Semi-FAKE NEWS!!! ahh.. soo funny! Well, ok.. I know that I need to work, so I can het HL2 CE and pay off my compy.. but damn! I will pretty much be doubling what I worked before now.. thats always i good thing I think... Muse.. they are a good band... I never knew their name til now!!! Interpol is stil one of the best... much like everything else i listen too... havent found a better word to descirbe my favs... I am well... distracted... as always... so peace \/ -.-\/
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Jake, You can guess who this is. Watch the language!! Love, ?
Anonymous Anonymous, at 21.10.04  
not a chance... know why? cause this is the only place i can really express what i am thinking. And whether you like it or not, i am going to type in what is on m mind, word for word, in all explicit detail. Not watered down, not sugar-cotaded so you can feel "happy," this is what I am thinking, not you. Soif I were to edit my thoughts, whould that be right? especally on the internet? A place where pepople can think and do as they please, without worrying whether or not Big Brother is spying on them. Sereously, think about it.
Blogger DiZZY, at 21.10.04  
The whole point of a weblog is to use it as an electronic journal. Sometimes people can be so...dumfounded. And the Internet is the only place where you could be whoever you want, and say whatever you want without having the anxieties of actual social contact or repercussions :). I love Muse.
Blogger killed-by-paranoia, at 22.10.04  
yeah, but one who is anon thinks ill get picked up by the government... it is so funny!
Blogger DiZZY, at 22.10.04  
You know what I think? I think there's a whole two hours a day that you don't account for in your log, that are spent viewing Japanese school-girls getting raped. Don't deny it, we know you watch hentai you sick bastard.
Anonymous Anonymous, at 31.10.04  
um.. other anon that I dont know who it is, your a psycho
Blogger DiZZY, at 7.12.04  
wow i should have commented when this was first posted, ya that other anon is kinda creepy. who are you? i would have to agree with Dizzy and paranoia.
Blogger Oblivious, at 2.1.05  

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