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How do you own disorder? Huh, does my basement included in this... this... disorder? Ah ha, but there in lies the question, what IS disorder... wait, ok, what was I talking about? Oh well... God damn there was nothing to do this weekend... other than work! There is so much good music coming out that I cant keep up!! There is the new Jimmy Eat World Album that is coming out, and Edodus, that came out about a week ago...my birthday is in one week.... ha, go figure... I got paid 196 and it is pretty much all gone. It sucks, but thats ok! cause after this REALLY small check, I will have a 250+ check for the next one cause I will be working like 25 hrs. a week!!! And that will kick arse! Distractions distractions... like i said too much good music... I LOVE FUSE!!! The all music, no bullshit music station!!! Well, I guess I should prepare for Half-Life 2... again... because I REALLY want that game... I want it now, as a matter of fact! HL2 got a 98% in PC Gamer, so it MUST be good. It looks good... so it must play good! I give up... I am too distracted... wanna play CS:Source... so... as usual \/ o_O \/ ~~PEACE~~
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