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My BIRTHDAY!!!! and my weekend...

YAY!!!! Once again, i bring you the gold text, because not only did Half Life 2 go GOLD!!! IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!! And i am estatic that my birthday holds much significance. I mean, I was born on October 18th, and Half Life 2 went gold on the 18th. That makes me so happy!!! but alas, I must wait til Nov. 16th mto play it Well, my weekend was pretty cool. I discovered a new sexual fetish/deviant. I call it highlighter porn. It is lezbo porn wih a blacklight and highlighter. isn't that great? Yeah, you're probably all wondering how did he discover this? I discovered this bowling... extreme bowling none the less... quite odd aint it? I spent most of my weekend though, with Josh and Amanda, at Fiesta MExacana... I love that place... good tacos... VERY good tacos... We spent like 6 hours there... in two days I should say... I need to eat... \/ *.* \/ REMEMBER HL2 WENT GOLD!! and peace.
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