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Halo 2? WTF is that? I have heard of HL2 you know, that thing from VALVe? Yeah, that. I got the gold package... 99,90 for it all, i got it for free, cause in 4 days ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!! YAY!!! We are going bowling for my birthday... it will rule! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! The new season of 24 starts Jan. 9th from 7 to 9... commercial free? maybe... but then, what is even better is the 3rd episode is the NEXT DAY!!!! ^.^ Im happy! im distracted, so peace \/ O.O \/
posted by DiZZY at 21:39


OOOOH CRACK CRACK gimme CRACK *twitches head to an angle* CRACK! *shakes with fear* ooooh GIMME GIMME GIMMME CRACK!!! grrr....CRACK!! CRACK CRACK CRACK later
Blogger StenZiL, at 13.10.04  
dude....me....you...halo 2...maybe a tv(if there's enough time)....GAMESTOP! APACHE MALL! MIDNIGHT! I DONT KNOW YOU! I LIVE IN LANESBORO! I KNOW JOSH! IM GOING TO PLAY HALO 2 ALL DAY LONG TUESDAY! ok im gonna stop now. I Earles You,
Blogger Jeff. Just kidding. its Sean. for real., at 6.11.04  

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