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Time to Explain... I think

So, parents dont like the blog... cause they dont like me expressing my thoughts... but rambling? Well, thats spiffy... I mean, who knows, maybe ill become a famous journalist who writes about technology... i think... Well, they should just get over the fact that I just ramble here... cause rambling beats the shit out of bitching people out... cause then people get all pissy... and it pisses me off... especally when it has to do with our FAVORITE government... yeah.. riiight... The Daily Show rules... it is soo funny!! Semi-FAKE NEWS!!! ahh.. soo funny! Well, ok.. I know that I need to work, so I can het HL2 CE and pay off my compy.. but damn! I will pretty much be doubling what I worked before now.. thats always i good thing I think... Muse.. they are a good band... I never knew their name til now!!! Interpol is stil one of the best... much like everything else i listen too... havent found a better word to descirbe my favs... I am well... distracted... as always... so peace \/ -.-\/
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My BIRTHDAY!!!! and my weekend...

YAY!!!! Once again, i bring you the gold text, because not only did Half Life 2 go GOLD!!! IT IS MY BIRTHDAY!!!! And i am estatic that my birthday holds much significance. I mean, I was born on October 18th, and Half Life 2 went gold on the 18th. That makes me so happy!!! but alas, I must wait til Nov. 16th mto play it Well, my weekend was pretty cool. I discovered a new sexual fetish/deviant. I call it highlighter porn. It is lezbo porn wih a blacklight and highlighter. isn't that great? Yeah, you're probably all wondering how did he discover this? I discovered this bowling... extreme bowling none the less... quite odd aint it? I spent most of my weekend though, with Josh and Amanda, at Fiesta MExacana... I love that place... good tacos... VERY good tacos... We spent like 6 hours there... in two days I should say... I need to eat... \/ *.* \/ REMEMBER HL2 WENT GOLD!! and peace.
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Halo 2? WTF is that? I have heard of HL2 you know, that thing from VALVe? Yeah, that. I got the gold package... 99,90 for it all, i got it for free, cause in 4 days ITS MY BIRTHDAY!!! YAY!!! We are going bowling for my birthday... it will rule! YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAY!!!! The new season of 24 starts Jan. 9th from 7 to 9... commercial free? maybe... but then, what is even better is the 3rd episode is the NEXT DAY!!!! ^.^ Im happy! im distracted, so peace \/ O.O \/
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Software Version 7.0

How do you own disorder? Huh, does my basement included in this... this... disorder? Ah ha, but there in lies the question, what IS disorder... wait, ok, what was I talking about? Oh well... God damn there was nothing to do this weekend... other than work! There is so much good music coming out that I cant keep up!! There is the new Jimmy Eat World Album that is coming out, and Edodus, that came out about a week ago...my birthday is in one week.... ha, go figure... I got paid 196 and it is pretty much all gone. It sucks, but thats ok! cause after this REALLY small check, I will have a 250+ check for the next one cause I will be working like 25 hrs. a week!!! And that will kick arse! Distractions distractions... like i said too much good music... I LOVE FUSE!!! The all music, no bullshit music station!!! Well, I guess I should prepare for Half-Life 2... again... because I REALLY want that game... I want it now, as a matter of fact! HL2 got a 98% in PC Gamer, so it MUST be good. It looks good... so it must play good! I give up... I am too distracted... wanna play CS:Source... so... as usual \/ o_O \/ ~~PEACE~~
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What? Whats that you say?

That was great, wasn't it? Oh, you dont know? Well, I guess that doesn't suprize me, I mean, you aren't me... or are you? ^.^ Teeheehee Weekend update I guess... It was basically a 1/2 day at school, so Stacee, Kirk and Josh came over and we watched Kill Bill Vol. 2. Kirk flirted with Stacee way WAY too much, because he didn't wan't to get in a relationship with stacee aparntly, but he flirted with her anyway... quite odd, and appaperntly he did more stupid sh*t at josh's house... Well, I wnet to homecoming at it was lackluster, there was ok music... alright, im not gonna lie, the music for the most part sucked total ass. but I did get to dress up and be with friends all night, and that is always fun!! Oh yea, and Jess... damn she looked beautiful that night. She is always beautiful though... I really do love her... I mean, yeah, I guess that is what I mean, I love her!!! Well, after homecoming, we went to Dennys, and ate some food. Me, Josh, Amanda, Kirk, Stacee and Jennifer went there... jess couldn;t come and I think Maria forgot ^o^ that is great, she forgot. No biggie though. She was probably just as tired as I am right now. Ready to fall asleep!!! Well, Monday... is Monday. i was in recovery mode that day, so i slept through most of my classes, that was great cause we didn't do much anyways. Then today, the journalism class/staff (I guess we are a staff, but it is a class too... so dunno what to classify it) went to the University of Minnesota and we were at a Journalism Comvention. That was so much fun. I learned alot... kinda... -ish... Well, the first class I learned about uh... 1st ammendment rights of a student publication, then I went to a Opinions Writing class, and for my last little class it was on Visual Design of a newspaper/yearbook/magazine. Then there was lunch!!! After Lunch, as a class, we listen to the keynote speechs. We left during them. All and all it was a good day.
Peace \/ ^.^ \/

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