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Really? Thats Nice

Arg! Another Week Past and what did I do this weekend? Work, as usual! Although it wasn't that bad, and I didn;t have any homework, I still am quite tired. And I have to go to school tomorrow...
in my head, where all the thoughts are... 1 decision... 2 girls... is it a right and wrong? or is it a trick question? are they both wrong? or are they both right? Taisha and Jess... a sign... anything... would be nice! Taisha is the one i have known longer, but Jess is one that I know I could and can get along with. Decisions, ones that are as crucial as you aren't thinking.

Work, work, and more work, kinda... I work not often at BK... I work the same hours as this weekend, 5-7 on Friday, 11-7 on Saturday and Sunday.

Im getting sidetracked, as usual so im done! Peace!
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