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The Final Act...

Another series, another time. PGSM is ending v_v; after killing off Venus and Mamaru-kun, they will finish the series with a bang. It was a very sad last few episodes, and I cryed alot, but thats ok, nothing like a good tear-jerker. I just wish the end wasn's so soon (i.e. the series was only about 1/2 to 3/4 year long) at 48 episodes (so far, not counting the last) i s actually about 4 seasons, but that still doesn't justify that live action Sailor Moon is entertaining! I really didn;'t believe they killed Venus until ep. 48 (after ep. 47 when she under goes the surgery and dies). then is ep. 48 when she kills her love, mamaru-kun... gosh did i get all teary. All things that are good must come to an end i guess. I guess it was time though, although I cant wait until the DVD release of Season 3 for '24' and the January release for season 4, I still wonder, what will jack bauer bedoing this season? DearS, a pretty cool anime series is something I have been MEANING to watch, but i havent yet. the A BALLADS album that I have i love very dearly. It has such good songs on it ^.^ I could listen to it all day. I need to get more Japanese albums, so I will when I get uh... my new calendar. dunno what yet though. I watched the Shawshank Redemption tonight, and that made me cry too when brooks died and the end when they red and andy met up again... so sad but yet so happy ^.^ Oh yea, then there is hl2, and that legacy, is VU keeps it from us, I will be so mad!! I want that game, and I want it NOW!!! not later, but NOW!!! I re-aranged all of my set top boxes to day, and they are right next to my computer. teeheehee, I need sleep, peace \/ ^.^ \/

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