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“There’s no I in team, but there’s an I in pie. Er… I mean meat pie, because the anagram of team is meat… or whatever!” (Shaun, Shaun of the Dead. Ok, enough with the um… bad and utterly stupid quotes that I took from a European movie… I cant really attempt to write an essay about me… that is, with all of the questions on that piece of paper. So, I decided I am going to do a Blog entry. Oh yeah, a blog is basically a web uh… diary… for lack of a better term..

Well, Ok..

That one Family Question er… Questions: Well, there is a family for four, ,My Mom, My Dad and My Sister (Jane, Mike and Rachel). I live with all three of them, and you think telemarketers are annoying! No, I’m just kidding, they are great to have as family. I rely on both my parents, I can’t really say that I rely on one more than the other. If you really needed to call someone at my house, call my mom, Jane. If you call my dad, I think he would just be lost!

My Birthday is October 18th, I least I think, I might be wrong!

I am proficient With computer technology and thinking, I’m pretty good at that, reading, I like to read books that are interesting, like the Da Vinci Coda, 1894, and uh… Angel’s and Demons… although I haven’t read Da Vinci Code, Angels and Demons is good!!! Oh yeah, math, I like math… and am pretty good with science…

I am really bad at understanding president bush’s English… he speaks better Spanish… which is odd… um… and reading book that have no interest to me, I have a real problem with that… but im going to try harder this year!

Well, what you should know about me is… um… that I am an administrator for a message board called DGA Systems, a web-store that will be selling computer parts starting August 29th, 2005. I am the news guy there and at a place called xTrEmOdS, another message board. I am a computer hacker (i don’t do anything illegal cause I do have morals to follow) and I don’t think that the RIAA and other various companies are doing their jobs correctly. I really don’t like the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (a.k.a DMCA), the PATRIOT act, and other various bills and government actions. I work at burger king, which ALWAYS gets my blood running *sarcastic!* Oh yeah, and I really hate it when MTV2 and MTV Hits are playing the SAME MUSIC VIDEO!!! That bugs me! I am no way, shape or form interested in Rap music, it cant stand it, too much swearing… I hate it… then again I hate country too… Trance/Dance Music is more my style, stuff that really hasn’t made a bump here in the States, but is really big in places like the UK.

Well, I guess the question asked for things that will make me learn better… I would say, don’t make things sugar coated… fabricated… I cant stand that, and I can tell when people do that…. And extremely pointless things that have nothing to do with what we are doing…

Favorite Class WOULD be Computer I because I need to fine tune my BASIC programming skills… but alas, that will probably never happen, because there is never enough interest in the class.

What I want to learn from English 2 is… um… English? (It took me about 15 minutes to think THAT one up… and that is the sad sad truth!)

Something I am proud of is being a Forum administrator and establishing myself in a community of many people. Also I am proud of my computer skills that have helped me build and program computers from scratch!

Most beautiful thing that I have ever seen is well, I don’t really know… um… my computer, will all the lights and stuff in it… oh yeah… and um… people of the opposite gender ^.^

I dont expect much from my class mates, as long as they dont act like total jerks, im fine with that ever they do.

Some things I do expect from the teacher, a.k.a. YOU! is that you teach me something i can use sometime in my life OTHER than school...

Some one i admire quite a bit is KEvin Mitnick, a hecker who was made an example of hackers who do "illegal" acts. He was unfairly tried in the US court system fur being a threat to national security and was thrown into 46 months of jail time... most of which was spent in solitary confinment for fear tha he could launch a nuclear missle. Wow, was the US government wrong, and to think, he didn't do anything mallicious, like a virus writer, he was just doing it for fun! I would like to meet him and ask him what to do with my like in the computer industry!

Taisha Navaro, Kaydie Kurger, Bree (dont know her last name), umm.. Jess (dont know her last name either...), Nathan Stephonson, Josh Wood, and uh... Kirk (ya know, as much as i should remember their last names, i dont remember his either)

Ok, a typical day for me goes like this (my oh my could i start quoting Office Space hehehe) Wake up 6:30>>School! Go figure>> Homework/Work At BK>> Watch TV>>Manage Forum>> More Homework>>Bed (by AT LEAST midnight)

Wasn;t that last question answered already?

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