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Well, summer is almost up.. and I really havent blogged that much!! Been too buzy man! Well, I got my job at Burger King! im workin' for Dr. Angus! lol. It is great there, lots of great people. except for kim... she is a bitch... but other that that everyone is cool! My cousons were here and they are the best people ever... cause I dint see em much. But not Kumail is liviin; here in my town and we see each other lots... Rafi is at Vergina for college... I need more money to pay my debt to my parents! cause i biuld a new compy! Although some of the parts went bad... and I had to RMA them back... I biult a new compy!! It is an AMD 3200+ with a 1 meg cache, and a K8ns-pro (or sumthing like that), a stick of OZC Low Letency RAm 512 megs... and some other chit that i cant remember right now! ilovebees.com, now that is some freaky stuff right there! OMFG!!! It is a halo2 ARG, but other than that, i dont know what to make of it! GOOD FUN! Well, DOOM3 came out and I played that thru... god that was a short game! i beat it on hard and nightmare! IT A WEEK! bought it the second, beat it the 8th! Cant wait for Half-Life 2 man... that game will be the best! only a few more weeks til it it here, and I relived my hl experience by playing HL, HL:op, and HL:BS!!! And then there is BF:V and BF:1942, those are some sweet sweet games! That and the covetated C O U N T E R - S T R I K E : S O U R C E B E T A ! ! ! ! ! That RULES!!! the Source Engine that .VALVe created, imho, puts the DOOM3 engine to shame... and believe me I am a DOOM3 fanboy! Well i gotta run, ill finish by end of summer post tomorrow!!
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