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Closing Time...

Well my good friends, it is closing time Summer Break 2k4! And my computer is finally working as it should! Right now, I am on it, pulling files from my parents computer... cause i need to. Well, i start school tomorrow o_O I dont want to go back, but i have to! The new iMacs look sooo cool... I want one soo bad! The Pikman 2 comercial is sooo wierd... We, peace everyone, and wish me luck!
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The End is Nigh!

Well, another Summer Break is almost over.. School will start soon. That means, MORE POINTLESS SHIT TO DO! My Math teacher is a fucking ass, he thinks i am "not suited" to take his class... must be the dildo up his ass! Although the first day isn't until Sept.1st, and I only have a half-day, I still dont want to go back to school. I want to stay in my chair, in front of my computer screen, wasting time away, reading forums, listening to music, talking to friends, and reading/posting to message boards! Oh yea, and ilovebees! Speaking of which, I heard on of the phone calls the other day on Pulse! MY god, I want one to be in Rochester MN!!! then I will go! Indefinately! Infact, they should have one of the pay phones at MAYO high school be a target!!! that would be soo cool!!! But, it would never happen! *cries* The Olympics were over last night, and i made me cry a little, I watched sooo much of those games... it wasn't even funny! I still love the fact that they are having the games in Bejing in 2k8, that gives me a reason to go to Asia! The continet I love... spend the three weeks while the olympics are going on... then go to japan for the remainder of the month! Ohh... would that be a vacation or what? Speaking of trips, in the mail today, i was informed that my trip to New Zeland and Australia, the meeting for that would be on Sept. 11th. Now, we dont really think about the twin towers getting hit that fateful day, but that is the weekend that rita is having her weeding and we are having a family reunion! Fuck! So, we are gonna contact the director about this and see if we an be there on a diffrent date! I am really looking forward to this trip! If I go, I will hopefully get an iBook for the trip, for communication purposes, and so i can stay connected as i go on the 18 day trip! It would be an honor for me to go. I really want to see a diffrent culture and country all together! Although there is a trip to China and Japan, i was not nominated for that trip! but thats ok! I have always wanted to see where the 2000 Summer olympics were! And it gives me another excure for getting a digital camera!!!You See, I want a panasonic SD camera, but sadly, there is no reason to get one right now! So my friend, this gives me a reason to buy the D-Snap camera i want! I either want the SV-AV50A, a still picture and video camera and it is this sweet looking blue color, or the SV-AS10D, although it is a 2mp camera, it gets the job done! They would be cool cameras to have!! Prolly, the last thing that I can think of right now, is that my computer parts will be coming tomorrow!!! YAY!!!! You see, even though they ALL came a couple of weeks ago, a couple came DOA and I had to RMA them back *cries* so I had to get replacement parts for them!!! They are coming tomorrow!!! YAY!!!
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Gosh... idiots...

Well, the summer is about to come to a screeching hault as school is now only 4 days away. Well, I would say it has been a good summer, like i said in my last post, but hey, i wish there was room for more! My computer broke down, about the middle of june, and i got sad, so I had to use my parents compy for every, like I am now! I got all my new parts, but when i went to install them, the mobo and the proc went bad! DAMN IT! so I had to RMA back both of em... and now i hoping to get the fucker up and running! Oh yeah, i got paid today!!! that is always a good thing! I made my book list that I want to read and i think every book i have on there will be a good book! I am really looking forward to reading the Da Vinchi Code... Cause I read a couple of paragraphs and thatt book PWNS!!! Nut sadly, i still have to pay for my compy! Napolean Dynimite is probably one of this years sleeper hits! I kid you not! That movie was one of the best movies I have seen all summer. So was Dodgeball... and Collateral, but Napolean Dynimite takes the cake! but i have seen SOOO many movies this summer! There is one book I want to read in paticular too, called 'Microserfs' It has to do with M$ and stuff like that... but i think it will be a good book! Well, What else did I do this summer... I played Splinter Cell: PAndora Tomorrow... that game was fun! Oh yeah, and I beat every MOHAA game there is! That is sad... and i got 100% complete on FFX-2... uh.. what else...i played alot of CS!!! that was alot of my summer. I worked too, once I got my job, that is all i wanted to do was work! But until i turn 16, i can only work so many hours a week and chit like that!! It makes me sad! I made alot of new friends too, on the DGA System forums! All we do is have fun there! Now I am trying to get us all as a clan. We shall become clan [D][G][a] and own everyone! Ok not really but, you know what i mean! GOsh, I need some sleep. I want to relive this summer, cause it is one i will never forget, seeing my cousons, going out, working, and buying a new compy! Gosh, that is alot. But then again, when is my like not exciting? I mean, i only have fun with ARGs like ilovebees *duh* I dunno though, cause the girl i like will probably not like it if I ask her out some time, cause she is my sisters friend... but she is my age and she is a grade higher than me... but she should be in my grand, but she didn;t have kinderguarden... it is odd and complicated... but, the odd thing is that she is my age (15) and my sister is 13... and she is still in middle school.. odd and complex! ill eventually understand what to do, but i will post it in the blog first: I love Taisha!!!! Alright, I got that off my chest, Well, off to bed with me! I gotta work at 11!
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Well, summer is almost up.. and I really havent blogged that much!! Been too buzy man! Well, I got my job at Burger King! im workin' for Dr. Angus! lol. It is great there, lots of great people. except for kim... she is a bitch... but other that that everyone is cool! My cousons were here and they are the best people ever... cause I dint see em much. But not Kumail is liviin; here in my town and we see each other lots... Rafi is at Vergina for college... I need more money to pay my debt to my parents! cause i biuld a new compy! Although some of the parts went bad... and I had to RMA them back... I biult a new compy!! It is an AMD 3200+ with a 1 meg cache, and a K8ns-pro (or sumthing like that), a stick of OZC Low Letency RAm 512 megs... and some other chit that i cant remember right now! ilovebees.com, now that is some freaky stuff right there! OMFG!!! It is a halo2 ARG, but other than that, i dont know what to make of it! GOOD FUN! Well, DOOM3 came out and I played that thru... god that was a short game! i beat it on hard and nightmare! IT A WEEK! bought it the second, beat it the 8th! Cant wait for Half-Life 2 man... that game will be the best! only a few more weeks til it it here, and I relived my hl experience by playing HL, HL:op, and HL:BS!!! And then there is BF:V and BF:1942, those are some sweet sweet games! That and the covetated C O U N T E R - S T R I K E : S O U R C E B E T A ! ! ! ! ! That RULES!!! the Source Engine that .VALVe created, imho, puts the DOOM3 engine to shame... and believe me I am a DOOM3 fanboy! Well i gotta run, ill finish by end of summer post tomorrow!!
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