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YaY!!! 24!

24 in 24
Ok, Im ahead if my self but TOMORROW THERE IS AN ALL NEW EPISODE OF 24, AFTER 5 weeks!!!! YEA!!!!!
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Old Skool!

New Limited Edition GBA SP
I want one of the new NES looking GBAs that are coming out June 7th... They look soo Cool, and I want one sooo bad... they look really cool, and nintendo is gonna release some of the old games that was released for the old system...
In other news...
Wow, I cant believe I am naming this, "Im other news..." well, lest see, my English teacher is a moron and I am about to go to war with her. I want my 92.5 that I got on a 100 pts. assignment... I want them soo bad.!!! Oh well, she wants a war Ill give her one!!!
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Um.. Superteen?

Im here, but not here...
I havent really been feeling like myself lately... I dunno why... I haven't really felt like myself, like I have lost something... I think i am either been shocked by something.. I dont know what but something.. or im stressed out... my.. my mom, she is putting way too much pressure on me, like im some sort of a fawking super teen... now every fawkin' day I get nagged about my grade, and it is starting to piss me off.. it is like no one trusts me anymore. I have about and will confront my teachers soon enough, I think I will go insane!

24 Season 1
I love this season of 24 cause it is the first season of 24 I have seen fully... I need the 2nd season... I love the third season It kicks A$$... I love it, it is the most suspensful TV show I have ever watched. If you watch the whole season back to back, (like what I did 12 eps. 1 day, last 12 eps. the next.) and it seems like a big movie!!! O, how I love it!!!
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