[digital insanity]



Ok, I have read some news today and I would like to say some things to Microsoft..

1) Bring the XBOX Kasumi Blue Box to america with the xtra pillow thingy... I would really like it and would give me another reason to give you 200 bucks...

2) Release more security patches, PLEASE

and 3) Give my HALO 2!!!

Ok, anyways, I have nothing to do, so im gonna rant. I with CD prices would be something like 7 bucks, sure at iTunes, I can get any CD for 10, but I dont have a credit card or any of the prepaid cards... I want a new cell too... I dont really like Virgin Mobile that much... thinkin about goin' to AT&T... GTA4 looks cool, I guy I know that is working on the project said it looks alot better than GTA3 and GTA:VC combined...
posted by DiZZY at 12:17