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iTunes and Soup?

The Super Bowl, the end of the football season... I watch it only for the commercials, and there is one that aired that kinda pissed me off, RIAA I hope you are happy.

Downloading From iTunes for Free

Ok, it istarts with a couple of kids pictures and it says something like Busted, or, Caught. Then one is like We Will Still Download music for free. That is true. Then It says Apple is giving away 1 million free songs, even better. Now I say, how about this, the RIAA stops being monopolistic bastards and stop being greedy. They have already fuct my future. Bastards. Now I download from iTunes, but I want my 3 grand back!!! and I should be in a commercial!!! WTF!!!

So I tell everyone who has not gotten hit by the RIAA to steal, steal as much as you can so the RIAA is no more.

Ok, now that im done ranting, has enyone hurd Toxic by Brittany spears? That song RULES!!! I wish there was an instramental version. it would make a nice base beat. The video isn't that bad either... ok peace!!!
posted by DiZZY at 18:34