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Wow... my own blog... that is so cool.... i never would have... WAIT ONE MINNUTE!!! I had a blog before, duh! Ok anyways, what is up world, i am the dizzy one, at school they call me Jake... why? I dunno. Anyways, this is where I will rant on about stupid things and hopefully someone will read it. I HOPE!!!! Um... has anyone ever hurd of the movie Volcano High? It was on MTV, but they butchered it to the point that anyone who saw it in it's orginial form, they wouldn't really enjoy the movie on MTV. Sure, there are rappers that really suck at doing voice overs (except Method Man who did Mr. Ma. Now that was good voicing same with snoop dogg doing Hak-rim, althouhg he really didn't speak that much), and were probably paid a large sum of money to do it. THe story ALMOST stayed the same (fortunately) except for the fact that Jang was never with Chae (Jade in MTV's version since her nick name was Icy Jade in the Korean Version) to begin with, he was attempting to steal he heart from... someone, i think it was hak-rim... no that was SOH Yo-sun, she wrote a crap load of love letters that aren't sent... o well, and that the principal was put in a stun and that hak-rim never actually recived the scrolly thingy, he was shown it in a dream.... hm... mabey if they wo uld have kept the fight scenes in the right place... no, that sitll wouldn't have made up for it... stupid MTV!!!! O well, it is 2k4, aand as usual, nothing has changed... wow, what a new year (so far) we still have all of 2k4 to look for a new MGS (hopefully) DOOM III (yup, thats right) Half Life 2 (that hacker who stole the code had a point, i guess...) FF XIII (yes, thats right Final Fantasy 12, yum) and KH 2 (Kingdom Hearts 2, although it is a aprtnership with disney, launching pooh off a swing going almost 50 yards is fun... although he doesn't come up a bloody mess... hm...) plus, mabey microsoft wont have such a bad year with viruses, and apple and linux or *unix (* = anything that is unix based) will become more popular with the ignorant masses than the norm Windows PC... ah yes, then there is anime makng a comeback.... maey it will become it's own academy award some day.... since we are on the topic of anime, I wish there was a naruto this week!!! now i must wait another week to see SOsuke beat the hell out of Gaara... that will be cool, and Live action Sailor Moon, gotta love it.. ok, well i got to go do paper route at about 6:30, and it is almost 4, in the morning, sooo, a 2 1/2 hour nap is in place, OK

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