[digital insanity]


Internet PWNS!!!

God, I love the internet... Ok, i worship the net, but that is pretty random... uh... Kill Bill Volume 2 has now been set back to April, apperntly Q.T. wants to premear it at the Canned Film Festival... I hope someone priates it... sh... i didn't say that... well, there are these really cool "work Shirts" at think Geek, it is really cool... I mean they are really cool... there is one that says 31337, i know what it means, do you? Probably know, but if you are in the hacker community, script kiddies dont count... there is one that says that (31337) one that says hacker, and one that says geek, i want them all... beef is good, eat more!!! um... I want to go to mars... it would be cool... but, i cant v_v it would be way too long, 4 years, and NO TV!!!!!!!!!! Or ANIME!!!!!!! OR Human interaction (wait that could be a good thing)!!!!! Or internet!!!!!!!! OK WELL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I dunno... I got some stuff from Yes Asia, um... A ballads and Memorial Adress CDs by Ayumi Hamasaki and her 2k4 calenday, it is SOOOOOO HOTTT!!! Well, now busy, cya man
posted by DiZZY at 22:38