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The Counsole Wars Are On!!

Nintendo vs. Sony in handhelds, yes handhelds. Big N will ge t a run for their money with the codename DS handeheld to go up aginst the PSP, Both attempting for a November releasebut as we all know, that wont happen.... but if it does it will be 2 screens vs. one. yes you hurd me, 2 screens, the GBADS (y not, lets call it that) will have 2 screes on it, the solid state carts will have a gig of memory (mini-DVD) and thats all I know... The PSP as you all know will have PS2 Like Graphics and will use a hyper MD type of memory for games, but can have movies and music on them too. Well, I say Why worry about handhelds, but then again, if I can get good looking graphics on a handheld, the only thing I will have to worry about us the battery life.

Then there are the gaming counsoes. Sony vs. Big N vs. Microsoft and The Phantom by infinitive labs. Microsoft will probably be sitting on HALO 2 until the Xbox Next comes out in late 2k5 early 2k6. OHHHH, I hear the pissed off Xbox fans now.. ah... a relaxing sound... Anyways there is nothing on the Xbox Next, so I have nothing other than the codename. Nintendo is like the freaking government, everything is TOP SECERET, tell anyone and we will make you dissapear. Then Sony's PS3. That will have a cell processor made by IBM and have an ati graphics card. The Ironic thing is that Everyone will have an ATI AND IBM Processor.

The counsole wars are getting bigger and probably will go on as long as gamers like me want cool games. I want the PS3 now, and Halo 2 to be set back to a lunch with the XN, but that is my opinion, make it a 2 or three disk game that has a rich story in a FPS and have graphics that look better than DOOM.

While I am on the subject of PC games, the revival of PC Games will be this year, With DOOM 3 and Half Life 2 coming out this year we will see almost everyone in the world reserving both games and everyone playing them; hacking them. I got to go to bed now, cause I gots lto get up for FINALS... dreaded finals. Peace...
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